Friday, March 4, 2016

Busy As A Bee Or Something Like That

 Well, this guy was busy as a bee while I was taking quilt photos.
I might have screamed a couple times when he quit looking at me and headed my way.
He was scary! But...that didn't stop me from moving in close to take a few pics.

Look at that hairy stuff on the back of his looks soft.

All the "somethings" I've been working on are under wraps until my due dates.
I've been busy, though!

 My blocks for the In Our Garden blog hop just posted on March 1st and there's a giveaway.
Check out the blocks and giveaway HERE and download the patterns, too.

There's a group Facebook page HERE.
I'm loving all the people sharing their garden blocks!

Penny Rose Fabrics has a wool blog tour coming soon.
I'm loving the wool and fabrics I'm sewing with!

Quilt Qwazy Queens will be honoring International Quilting Day.
It will be fun to see what happens in this hop!

Quilt Qwazy Queens

The Monkey Baby had a birthday party. 
Who doesn't love watching a 1 year old eat their first cake!

March is a very busy month! Are you busy as a bee, too?


  1. Fabulous Bee photos you took. He does look soft and yet scary. Monkey baby eating cake...Priceless! Embracing Creative Bliss...

  2. Oh your Monkey baby is so cute!!! We are expecting a (year of the) Monkey baby boy in May. Looking forward to seeing him eating his birthday cake next year! Wow, how in the world did you get such a closeup of those bees????

  3. That is so cute, he just digs right in, lol.
    I love getting bee photos, you can see the pollen on his legs, nice shots.
    Looks like lots of great quilt hops, I keep finding new ones so hard to keep up.


  4. Fabulous photos of that busy bee and adorable Monkey baby too. Can't wait to see all those top secret projects.

  5. Flowers and and bees - makes me hope for an early Spring on the east coast.

  6. Your bee pictures are great, but not as good as the picture of the monkey baby eating cake. I have one that had a purple minion cake and was a purple minion when he was done.

  7. Beautiful photos! I guess that little monkey boy didn't want to get his hands sticky, lol!!! Just dove in face first! Cute and nice little cake too. I will have to check out that wool blog tour too, thanks.

  8. The bee photos are great. The hair on its head might be soft, but I wouldn't want to touch the tip of his other end :-)

  9. ok, sorry, gotta go there...HER...that's a girlie bee, we have hives, I know this stuff, hehehehe. Really great pics though, I never get that close because I am allergic. And that is just the best picture of birthday delight I have ever seen!

  10. Those bee pictures are AMAZING!! You are quite a photographer !!

    Monkey boys first birthday...What adorable picture :-D

  11. love the pix of the blocks and oh..could I ever be the baby in the cake

  12. love the bee pics. I would not be so brave to get that close. the cake pic is adorable! my niece kept looking around for her Mom like saying I am gonna be in BIG trouble for this but you guys are egging me on. it was hilarious.

  13. Such great pics. I would never get that close, well maybe. Cake and boys can't be beat.

  14. Wow what fabulous pictures.

    Hugs Diane

  15. Great photos! Wow I'm impressed one of your readers knows it's a girl bee. I try to get some of those shots and not run.
    Love the birthday boy picture best. TOO cute
    March is a busy month for me too. Guess I need to take time to post about it. LOL

  16. At the risk of making you scream again because of my avatar, I have to say that those are some amazing bee photos Carol!
    Love, Love, Love your little monkey baby!

  17. I love the yellow color of that flower and the bee oh my gosh! I love it!


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