Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Is Almost Here And Dog Gone Cute Ends Today

I can't believe it's almost Halloween and that the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop ends today.
Life goes on, of course, but as for me...
I'm having sewing withdrawals!

There's been no sewing for me, but hopefully my achy back will go away soon.
The head is better, though, which is good. Thanks for all your "be more careful" wishes!

In the meantime, here's me and one of my friends from long, long, long, long ago.
Hey, Frank, I hope you're still looking this good!

I'm sad to see the Dog Gone Cute blog hop end, but today's the last day...darn!
It's amazing how different one pattern can look in different designs and fabrics.

Sew Fresh Quilts

My Dog Gone Cute puppies ended up looking like this...

Check out the rest of the puppies and maybe you'll want to make some, too.
Thanks, Lorna, for such a dog gone fun time with your pattern!

Tuesday, October 6
Karen of Run Sew Fun
Anja of Anja Quilts
Kelly of Quilting it Out

Thursday, October 8
Carol of Just Let Me Quilt - this was my day!
Nina of Inchworming
Brandy of Pampered Pettit

Tuesday, October 13
Laurel of Quilts by Laurel

Thursday, October 15
Rachel of Quiltineering
Julie of Mack and Mable

Tuesday, October 20
Cathy of A Quilting Chick
Selina of Selina Quilts
Shauna of Shauna’s World
Kathy of Kayak Quilting

Thursday, October 22
Britt-Inger of Hill Valley Quilter
Judy of How ART You?
Louisa of Sewmotion

Tuesday, October 27
Stephanie of Jak and Will
Cristina of Pretty Little Quilts

Thursday, October 29
Abigail of Cut & Alter
Magdalena of iloveneutrals
Susie of Susie's Sunroom

I hope you have a very spooky and creepy, but Happy Halloween!


  1. Carol, your puppies are adorable! Glad to hear you are on the mend. I think bad backs go hand in hand with sewing machines...oh well, the price we have to pay! Take care of yourself!

  2. Get better, love the picture of you with Frankie! It is so cute!

  3. Oh no...a bad back too??? I hope you are feeling great soon.

  4. It's funny but I haven't done any real sewing since I finished my DGC quilt either - and have been getting itchy fingers .......

  5. Oh, now that is a great picture! I love it! Looks like Frank has a few bumps of his own. Hope yours are all healed up and you can be inspired to get back to sewing...

  6. Okay Carol, now is a good time to clean out that box of crazy fabric and make something totally off the wall
    I love the pic of you and Frankie

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the header on your blog! This is my favorite one!! Great Halloween pictures! I love the dog quilt.

  8. Even though your not sewing, I am betting your still enjoying this time of year ! Where is Creepy Bunny ? Feel better soon ! :) I just noticed I'm stiill logged in as BQG...this is Vickie Mazurek....didn't want log out of there yet. LOL

  9. Glad you're feeling a little better! Hope you get back to sewing soon!

  10. Smiled at that picture :) Really hope your back feels better soon. Maybe you need monkey boys to massage it? Take care.

  11. That puppy quilt is so cute.
    That photo is so fun, it reminds me of the Munsters and you are the Marilyn.



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