Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Little Pressure Making Easter Eggs

I've gone a little nuts over my new Fagor pressure cooker and I'm constantly on the look out for
new recipes to cook things in it. Honestly, I wake up in the morning and think
"What can I cook in my pressure cooker?"
Really, I do!

I saw that Food Storage Moms made hard boiled eggs in her pressure cooker. Seriously?
I had to try it of course. No need to watch the eggs? That's my kind of cooking!

Add eggs and one cup water (a must to create the needed steam.)

Set the timer for 18 minutes on high and turn the knob to Pressure.

Release the pressure have hard boiled eggs! Dip them in some icy water to
stop the cooking and then lift them out with a slotted spoon.

Ahhh, but were they actually cooked inside my hubby asked.
Yep! The big plus was how easy it was to peel them.

A little Easter egg dye and now I have some pretty eggs just for us.
*Note to self. DO NOT use balsamic vinegar with the dye tablets just because that is the only vinegar you have. 
It makes orange eggs kind of brown. Luckily, the pink ones didn't require vinegar.

When telling my mother-in-law about my little egg cooking adventure, she said she thought it was just as easy to boil them on the stove. She is right, of course, just as it is easy to bake them in the oven. But, I HAD to try this and I didn't have to wait for water to boil. It was kind of fun to make these.

Sorry to those of you still covered in snow, but our weather is warm enough to start tomato plants...yay!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Super Dooper Superpowers

Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt asked us
"What is your Superpower?"
Soooo....what is YOUR Superpower?

I had to think long and hard about what my superpower was because I don't really think of myself as being "super" at anything. Luckily, my family and Monkey Boys helped me out and came up with this idea:

I am Rescue Woman!
Thank you #1 Monkey Boy!
#1 Monkey Boy wanted me to let him know when this it is sweet boy!

I've been known to rescue animals on a few occasions and most of them end up staying for years.
I'm not sure, but I think a neon sign mysteriously appears on my house that says,
"Lost or Stray Pets Welcome Here!"

Roxy arrived at my door and when I called the owner to say I'd found her, she asked me if I wanted to keep her. I did, of course. She ate a lazy boy chair, broke out of a kennel, chewed up shoes and everything else, opened a bottle of Drano (and survived) and just about drove us over the edge with her craziness. But, she stayed with us for a long, long time and turned out to be the best ever dog!

I don't always keep the dogs I rescue. One time I ran through the streets of a nearby small town while chasing a runaway dog. My sister followed me in the car yelling at me to be careful and was prepared to pick me up if I fell down (she's been my partner in rescues several times.) I caught the dog after quite a few blocks and returned it to its owner with no long-lasting injuries to myself! 

I just learned a few weeks ago that my youngest daughter believed for years that we'd had a cat named "E.T."  According to her big brother we had it turned into a concrete cat when it died. This information was new to me, but apparently my son had her believing this story. Gotta love that older brother! This is the concrete cat, "E. T.", that we've had for about 30 years (and it was NEVER a real cat!) LOL!

Anyway...with Rescue Woman in mind I used 
Amy Bradley's Dogs & Cats pattern to create my Superpower project.
It was quite an undertaking and LOTS of sewing, but Amy's patterns are awesome!

We had more than just cats and dogs, so I had to get a little creative with my pet quilt. With the help of my kids who gave me the names of their snakes, bunnies, hedgehogs and hamsters, and the help of my #2 Monkey Boy showing me how to draw a bunny leg, I was able to create a pretty fun memory quilt of all our animals (minus the gazillion pet rats we had.) Only a few hamsters made the list because there was only so much room on my quilt.

How to draw a rabbit foot..thank you Monkey Boy #2!
Just a side note: He told me I needed to stay home to finish the quilt and not go with them on a hike.
He's pretty proud of his part in this project and wanted to make sure I finished it!

The front of the quilt has 11 dogs, 7 cats, a bunny, and an iguana all made using Dr. Seuss fabrics including the Lorax fabrics. Each name is hand embroidered on the collar of the animal using DMC thread who is the sponsor of this super, dooper blog hop.

A Lifetime of Animals

The back of the quilt has a hedgehog, snake, my superpower label, and a hamster

Amos, a Golden Retriever, showed up at our house with a tennis shoe in his mouth
and a chewed off rope around his neck. My husband told me not to feed him, but of course I did. 
No one ever claimed him so he stayed and was a wonderful addition to our home for years.

Hedgehogs are weird pets, but my son loved them. He also loved snakes.

Hamsters are not the smartest pets, but my kids loved them and we
had LOTS of them as they do tend to multiply!

Bella was an eviction dog and was obviously abused. She's definitely loved in our house!

Phoebe and her sister, Dog, were scrawny little things when we got them.
Phoebe died a couple weeks ago...sad loss for us.

Thanks to all of you who love and care for the critters in our world!

Now for the good stuff!
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The rules...
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Monday, April 7, 2014

I've Been A Super Wife For 42 Years

Okay, so maybe I was not a super wife ALL the time, 
but being married for 42 years 
occasionally required some super powers to keep it all together.

Happy Anniversary to this guy and me!

More super powers are coming this for it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Saw A Flower! Really I Did!

I've been staying at my daughter's house this week and I'm having computer withdrawals because her internet is sketchy and is only up for short periods of time. She's promised me it will be fixed tonight...yay! It's up and running right this minute so I thought I'd better take advantage of it and show you the flower I saw in her backyard. It seems like it's been FOREVER since I've seen a flower, so hopefully this is a good sign that Spring is coming.

It's beautiful!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Day To Put A Flag On A Stick

There's been some seriously cute flags blowing around this week thanks to 
Madame Samm's Flags on a Stick blog hop and cheerleader Thearica from Pigtales and Quilts!

I'm loving the heart flag pole I was so lucky to receive from
It is beautiful and thanks to them I have a place to hang my new flags.

I wasn't sure what flag to make that would "say something" about me. I came up short with ideas
at first, especially ones that I could hang outside and not cause trouble with the neighbors!

With winter hanging on FOREVER, this flag says something about me...I want warm weather!

It's Spring!
I played around with felt using my embroidery machine to make this one.

This flag (it's two-sided) says something about my younger days...
I was always hosting or being the prime suspect at a baby shower.

It's A Girl!
From Amy Bradley's "babies" patterns

It's A Boy!
From Amy Bradley's "babies" patterns

This flag says something about my favorite kind of party to host...
I love birthday parties!

It's Somebody's Birthday!
I just love this kid's face from Amy Bradley's "Peek-a-Boo" patterns

Of course, the flag that really is all about me says something about my Monkey Boys.

Beware! Monkeyboys Ahead!
This adorable monkey can be found over at Craftsy...Jungle Babies by Mad Creek Designs.

I've had so much fun thinking of flags to hang on my pole...thank you again Flag Outlet!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The One-Eyed Bird In My Yard

That Other Lady keeps posting photos of pretty birds on her blog and though you all know I'm not competitive, I thought I'd show off a photo of one of the birds from my yard. I was able to get within inches of this little baby before it totally freaked out when it finally noticed me with its good eye. It looks like it was in a pretty bad fight to have lost that eye.

Okay, so That Other Lady wins with her pretty bird photo posts. LOL

Six Years And Counting Plus A Winner

I've made it through six years of blogging, so hopefully I'll make it to "infinite and beyond"
(maybe I've watched a little too much Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story" with the Monkey Boys!)

Thanks for all the sweet comments...I loved them all!

There's a winner of my 6 year giveaway...

I almost hate to be the first one to leave a comment on a giveaway because #1 never seems to win.

Well, that changed today!

Congratulations, Terry!
(I've sent her an email)

Oh, and just a REMINDER: It's only a few more days until