Friday, September 11, 2015

What's That Crunching Sound On My Sewing Machine

I love my sewing machine. I mean it...I really, really, really love it!

But not today.

My machine has a thread cutter on it and every time I cut the thread at the end of a seam
it made this icky, scary, oh-my-gosh crunching noise. It didn't help to clean it...I tried that.
My sweet and kind husband picked that heavy machine up and took in for repair,
while I took off to have a fun lunch with lots of women and extremely yummy food.

When I got home, he told me it will be at least Tuesday before I get it back.
Breathing in a brown bag helped with the hyperventilating I was doing after he told me the news.
To top it off, my spare machine is at my daughter's house in another city.
My sewing withdrawals came on swiftly. What am I going to do!!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I made this little lady come out of being just a decorative piece and she managed to help me
sew a few seams. She doesn't back stitch (ugh) but she sews a straight seam quite nicely.

That heart and star block is one Doris at Quilting Queen Online made for the EQ7 Seasons RAL.

Marian at Seams To Be Sew has more info on giveaways and who's creating rows.
My row is on Monday, September 15th...come on back to visit!


  1. Sorry to hear your regular machine is under the weather, but I sure love seeing your decoration being put to good use!

  2. Mine did something like that last was the scissor not going completely back into place

  3. Well that lovely lady who was a decoration deserves some lovely stitching time. I haven't gotten to the Row hop yet - hopefully before it is all over.

  4. You definitely need a vintage Singer 301 for a back up. Cheaper than a featherweight, does forward, reverse and you can FMQ as the feed dogs drop. Haunt Craigslist. They are usually less than $100. I have bought them in cabinets for $50. They love all thread, are less than 20 lbs and stitch beautifully. Just need a sip of oil and a bit of grease.

  5. I quilt with two old machines. It is nice tn have an old mechanical back up just in case. Take the old girl for a spin, she will never let you down as long as you keep her clean.

  6. Oh Dear I can relate all too recently with my machine breaking down and in service for a month. I have a new love and appreciation for sewing and have done lots since her return. We are very spoiled aren''t we? May you have your beloved machine back and working in quick order.

  7. I feel your pain, Carol! My machine started "growling" at me so I took it in for cleaning, and they told me it was a 3 wk time frame! Yikes! Got out my Featherweight, thank goodness for that. It's sure not the same but at least it works and I can sew! I think I am going to have to investigate the Singer 301 that one person commented on--sounds like a good little machine to have. Good luck with yours!

  8. Too bad about your machine but glad you have a beautiful back up machine to help fill the void. Tuesday will be here before you know it!

  9. Holy COW, Tuesday?? Yikes, what do they have to do, send it to college?
    Well, good thing you have a back up, I have plenty of back ups,
    If you ever buy an old work horse machine, get a 301A or a Featherweight.
    Your blocks are adorable. I love the perky fabric

  10. She was probably very happy to come out and help. She is a workhorse after all.

  11. uh oh..... cut KITS or something for another quilt or two :)

  12. i hate it when i can't sew.
    Just get sick when they have to go to machine hospital.

  13. I had one of my machines in for repair and it took 3 weeks just for them to call me and tell me what was wrong and what the cost would be. Luckily I have a few more machines to sew with and that's one reason I do have more than one machine. Each machine does some things the other don't to or don't do as well, so I always have a machine to sew with at least. Those old Singers do make a nice stitch. Love that patriotic heart block.

  14. Oh my... sewing withdrawal is an awful feeling. Good thing you have a beautiful back-up so you can at least do a bit of sewing. I sew almost exclusively on a vintage Singer 15-91. She's in an Art Deco cabinet so she's definitely not portable but she is a work horse. She brought the joy back to sewing for me after years of "cursing" at one of the new machines.

  15. Oh no! I hope it wasn't anything too serious.

  16. Hate to laugh at your expense, but I must admit your post made me laugh! Hope it makes you feel a bit better to know I am half way through six Weeks away from a machine. I brought some slow stitching , but it's just not the same! Hope she comes home from the spa in top shape for you!

  17. I've had that same feeling a time or two myself. Which is why I now have 4 sewing machines! lol Glad you were able to overcome!


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