Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Old Singer Came Through For Me

She's older than me, but that old 1934 Singer managed to keep me happy and sewing today.
I still miss my REAL machine, but it felt good to sew something.

I worked on the EQ7 Seasons RAL blocks by Doris at The Quilting Queen Online.
I didn't add the watermelons and I have more to do on it, but I'm loving those hearts!

Skies were stormy, thus the rocks to hold those hearts down. Windy!

Earlier in the day my hubby took me out on the golf course. I've never been on was fun!
I let him golf, but I drove the golf cart, took pictures, and fed the squirrels. 
Driving the cart was awesome!

My hubby shakes a bag of peanuts and those squirrels come running.

No, I won't go look for the ball in there!

It's not "Where's Waldo?" but more like "Where's The Roadrunner?" Can you see it?

The fire on the mountain was very visible from the golf course. 
They are slowing containing it, but it's over 800 acres that have burned.

A little cutting and ironing on applique pieces fills some of the not-so-much sewing time.
This guy is getting excited for the Halloween blog hop!

It was a great day!


  1. How fun to go golfing with the hubby I am sure he appreciated the super cute caddy he had with him.

  2. It sounds like a great day. I'm still trying to see the roadrunner.

    Love the patriotic hearts!

  3. Looks like you had a really fun and different day. Fires are so scary. We have many around us and some are over 50,000 and 65,000 acres burned. Too many homes and vehicles. So many people displaced by these fires. Stay safe and hydrated.

  4. I'm glad your home is safe from the fires. As I watch the devastation on TV, I just can't imagine how horrible it must be. Glad the ol' Singer came through for you. She may not have any fancy stitches, but we usually just need a nice straight stitch for our regular piecing. I had to enlarge the road runner photo to find him....hiding in plain sight!

  5. What a great day. I go with hubby every once in a while to golf. I don't golf either, even tho he'd love for me to. I take along hand work sometimes and sometimes I just ride and unwind. Love, love, love that row! It looks fabulous with the yellow background. Found the road runner right away.

  6. I see that camo birdie :) Sorry to hear the fires are still going...hope that no one's been injured. I go with my guys golfing sometimes and ride or drive the cart. I have clubs but don't do much golfing since it just slows them down...I quilt better than I golf..ha! Love that ghostie, very cute!

  7. Sorry to see that the fire is not contained yet (we're on the road) Carol...hope they're able to stop it real soon!! Cute pic of you driving the cart (I used to go along with my hubby & do the same I play instead of taking pics). Your blocks are coming along great...loved the one of the ants bringing food to the basket!!! Terry. cwayons(at)yahoo(dot)com

  8. Love your pictures, beautiful. Your row came out just great and I'm into the ghost. Where we live in Florida, a city of about 120,000, about 70 % of us drive golf carts all the time. The Villages is designed for golf cart living. One of the big draws for us, we even have a golf cart garage. People come to visit and we can't pry them out.


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