Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gift Card Holder In A Snap

We took a short trip up the mountain to see some leaves changing colors,
and we weren't disappointed by the brilliant oranges (just in time for Halloween!)

There were lots of yellow leaves, too.

 Those spooky looking trees tried to scare me with their creepy limbs.

After we got home, I stared at my cute snap bags and decided I needed to make more.
FYI--I think the guys with the strait jackets should be arriving soon for my fitting.

Why, oh why, would I start anything new!
There is a stack of should-be-sewing-it on my left, 
almost finished projects to my right, 
and over in the corner is the just-put-it-away-already stuff.
And don't even talk about the thing hanging on the design wall!

But, who cares! It's Halloween
and these snap bags are so fun to make!

I needed some gift card/money holders for my Monkey Boys,
so I checked out the internet for ideas (there were tons and tons of ideas for snap bags!)
I took a little from here, there, and everywhere and made some small snap bags
that are perfect for gift cards or money...even some treats.

I started with two different pieces of fabric.
Cut one for the front piece - 3 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Cut one for the lining piece - 3 1/2" x 12 1/2"

Cut one fusible fleece interfacing - 3" x 8 1/2" and iron it to the wrong side of front piece.
Yes, it's smaller so the seams aren't so bulky.

Fold over the end of each lining piece 1" to the inside.

Center the front piece on the lining piece, wrong sides together, between the two 1" folded ends.
Fold the lining ends over the front on both ends and stitch close to the edges to create a casing.

To make the "snap" part of a Snap Bag you'll need a metal tape measure.
I dug out my old 1/2" wide metal tape measure and snipped off a couple pieces.
I used an inexpensive tape measure because my husband would get a little upset
 if he saw a couple missing pieces from his favorite tape measure. 
I would get upset if those pieces were missing from my favorite tape measure, too!

For this little bag I used two pieces that were 1/2" x 2 3/4" long.

To avoid slicing off a finger tip, the ends need to be rounded and covered with duct tape.
You can use painter's tape if that's all you have sitting around.
FYI--make sure those little metal pieces you clip off end up in the garbage not the floor.

Fold right sides together and stitch one side a 1/4" from the edge.

Slide the ruler pieces into the open side of the casing.
This is important! Face the number side of the ruler towards the lining.
This will create the "snap."

Sew up the other side of the bag. Be careful not to hit the metal ruler 
while sewing....not that I would know about that! Zig-zag or serge edges.

Turn inside out and stuff with money, cards, candy or toys.

Several websites have tutorials for small, medium, and large snap bags. Here's a couple to check out:
MooseStash Quilting has a cute snap bag tutorial with a pocket HERE.
If you want to add a ruffle to a snap bag, Just Another Hang Up shows you how HERE.

I need to go now, I have LOTS more snap bags to make for Halloween,
and then there's Christmas, and birthdays, and Easter, and, and, and....oh my!

I'm not sure if she's offering a trick or a treat!


  1. I completely understand the "need" to make more little handy snap bags. Great idea for gift cards or money. Thank you for sharing your technique. Creative Snapping Bliss...

  2. Those are very cool and maybe to get me out of my sewing funk I need to do a snap bag!

  3. These are so darling! These could be used for so many things...

  4. Beautiful photos, great twist on the normal gc folder :) I'll bet a kitkat would fit in there too, lol!

  5. Great job, Carol! And your tutorial is so easy to follow. Great idea for gift cards!

  6. Snap bags are so awesome and useful in every size imaginable. You've put together a great tute for your followers, Carol. Your tiny Halloween bags are terrific.

  7. first I love the photos so nice to see fall around the globe...and your wee snap bags...totally cute...the M.B. will love these..

  8. Oh sew cute....I'm gonna do it....soon !

  9. Howdee! I'm crazy tired tonight and that just snuck out. :) I've been trying to thank you for the tut and between the comments not working, my computer, and just tired ole' me, it has not been working. Hopefully, I'll get this fired off before something else comes into play. Thank you for the tut on the snap bags. I actually bought some snap bags hardware before I saw this idea for the measuring tape - fiddlesticks! Thanks; I know I'll use your tut.

  10. Awe, who cares about those stacks! Have some fun! The snap bags are a great idea! Thanks!

  11. Those snap bags are so cute, yes, who cares about the list. You just have to follow your intense desire to ignore the list completely and make something new. The tree colours are gorgeous.


  12. Such beautiful pictures! It looked a lot like that in Colorado when we were there, but here in Arkansas those colors won't be here until the end of the month. I love your snap bags...and what a great idea for gifts for the grandkids! blessings, marlene

  13. Ooohhhh now I never made a little bag this!!!

  14. Oh, the ruffled one is so cute! That witch is NOT cute. Pretty leaves.


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