Monday, October 6, 2014

A Little Ghoul Made Me Hand Quilt

I've been away from my sewing machine for a few days and took some time to smell the roses.
Okay, so they're not roses, but they were PURPLE and quite lovely.

Feeling slightly panicked that Black Cat Crossing is coming up way faster than I'm sewing,
I decided to hand quilt the project I had brought with me using some crochet thread.

What was I thinking!

I love the look, but I still have a long way to go before this project will be done and it's
been years since I hand quilted anything...oh my, oh my, what have I done!

I'm sure it was a naughty little ghoul who took over my brain to make me do this,
but I love to try new things so we'll see if I can beat the clock and get this thing done.

Sore fingers, hands, and I come!

At least my new header is ready for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop!


  1. Love the new header and can't wait to see the finished project. Are you using needle and thread and fingers so that you can get REAL BLOOD incorporated into your ghoulish project?

  2. That quilting is going to look fabulous...and of course thoughts of that other lady will spur you on to completion victory LOL Fun header.

  3. ohhhh very scary...Imean very scary ....I had to jump your stitching looks fine.....Iam sure it will reveal something eye CAThing...wink

  4. Wishing you speedy stitching mojo! ;o)

    Oh, great new header, Carol. Can't wait to see what you've got brewing for the next hop....

  5. Your new Black Cat banner is ghoulishly fabulous. Hand quilting can be very relaxing??? You never disappoint my dear. Creative Black Cat Bliss!

  6. Hi!!!! Yes I love your banner!!!! Too wicked!!!!! In a good way!!!!! You can do it!!!! I will be waiting to see your hand quilted finish!!!!

  7. Awwww Creepy Carol your hand stitching bloody wonderful !


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