Monday, April 8, 2013

If I Weren't Afraid....

....what would I do?

You know (I know YOU do) how you go to one blog that has an
interesting link, so you click. It takes you to another blog that
has a link...and so on, and so on, and so on.

Somehow I ended up HERE with no idea which blogs I was clicking
on or what links were taking me there...just a mindless wander
(that's fun to do sometimes...I love doing it!)

I saw this question on that blog
 that totally caught my attention:

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

I've been afraid of a lot of things in my life:

What people think of me
Flying (big time on this one)
The sound of an ambulance
The dark
Tall, tall buildings
Ski lifts
Prison movies (I wish Walking Dead would get out of that prison)
Anything less than perfection
Making friends
Crowded elevators
Bridges with water under them
Blog Hops
blah, blah, blah...other stuff

I did get over a fear of blog hops...really, they terrified me!
I worried that I wouldn't get in, then I worried that I would.
I was afraid to show my "oops" stuff (totally over that now) or
thought my stuff wouldn't be good enough.

AFRAID is a scary word...we need to get over it.
Join a BLOG helps.


  1. You are so right!! We would miss out on alot of experiences if we let fear take over.

  2. This is so true - I have been Following along all different kinds of blog hops for a year! I actually set up my blog in March of 2012 but didn't post my first blog post until February of 2013!
    I am still trying to figure alot of things out but I am not afraid of making a mistake anymore! lol!
    Thank you for writing this post! And if there are any more newbies like me out there, don't be afraid, just jump right in!!

  3. Oh yeah....and what do you have to lose???? It is fun!!!!

  4. Thank you for writing this post. Amazing what we let hold us back. I am a giant "fraidy cat" and always have been. I know it has robbed me of lots of amazing experiences. And it is never too late to "just try!" Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  5. If I weren't afraid, I might be able to sleep better. Perfection is tough on us stitchers though.

  6. We share 6 fears! I'm going to try to break out of this rut, if I can screw up the courage ;)
    Thank you for your openness, it took some guts.

  7. Mmmmmm you are afraid of some doozies
    I really am not afraid of anything....i stay away from donuts, brioches and china shops....
    Great post carol

  8. Great post many people suffer with fear...I don't like the submarine at Disneyland...LOL! Claustrophobic..I will hyperventilate just thinking about it! I don't like wind over 70 miles an hour...I can still visualize the damage from it where I used to live...

  9. What would I do if I weren't afraid ?........ Well today...I'm thinking the only thing I'm really afraid of is snakes. They really FUR-EEK me out! I wouldn't do anything different, I would still scream for Ranch Man to come kill it !!!!

  10. I am afraid i will never live long enough to do all the quilts ideas i have running through my head. Whenever i see new ideas i want to start that right away, so I have sooooooooo many things started. Vickie (no blog) Lewis

  11. What a great thought-provoking post, Carol. Some fears are legitimate and should be embraced. Look at it and decide if it has merit before throwing it away. I've never considered myself afraid of much but, in reality, I'm afraid of lots of social things. Whenever I put myself "out there", I find that I back away. Certainly, becoming a blogger is scary for 3 main reasons. First, time...I already feel I don't have enough of that limited commodity. Second, I'm not comfortable with setting a blog up and don't know enough to do that. Third, though I'd like to share with others, I am intimated by all the writing, the pictures, the actual projects (I'm such a slooow quilter/sewer that the number of my projects is low.) Thanks for letting me express my thoughts; it was good for my soul and my personal reflection.:)

  12. Great post! I have been terribly afraid of getting up to speak in front of people. But this past year I have been president of the guild and now that my term is almost over I am finally feeling comfortable but I still get a little afraid right before the meeting starts.


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