Tuesday, November 13, 2012

U R Priceless Blog Hop - Day 7 (Last Day!)

Today is the last day of the priceless display
of purses, purses, purses!
It's also the last day to leave a comment to be
entered in my giveaway.
 Click on my Nancy Drew purse to
get to my giveaway post.

Pssst....I heard a rumor that "that other lady"
has made hundreds of purses.
Be sure to check out her blog TODAY to see
if this is true. You can get an extra entry
on my giveaway post (HERE)
if you come back to tell me how many
she REALLY made.
Be sure to leave your comment on my giveaway post.

Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt
is the queen of the blog hops and she keeps us
motivated and inspired (and gets us 
all those great giveaway prizes!)

She's showing off her purses today...
check them out!
Madame Samm posts all the coin purses on Pinterest, HERE
You can buy her pattern HERE.

Katherine from Sew Me Something Good is hosting
this hop and has done a
Priceless job of getting us signed up and
sewing these little coin purses.
You can see the whole schedule HERE.

Check out today's UR Priceless blog posts:

Day 7 - Nov. 13
Julia P


  1. silly you for starting such rumours about me...hundreds nooooo way ...only 27+ or something like that lol

  2. Even though I am overwhelmed by the inspiration, I am sad to see this hop end. Where do all these talented people come from? Evry where I guess.

  3. all lovely purses in this blog hop thanks

  4. I have the number that Madame Samm made: On her own blog she claims 26, but here she wrote down 27 (and a couple more..lol) Thanks for doing the extra giveaway, and to keep us guessing!


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