Saturday, November 10, 2012

U R Priceless And MORE!

This starts again on Monday....only 2 days left!
Pssst....I heard a rumor that "that other lady"
has made hundreds of purses.
Be sure to check out her blog on Tuesday to see
if this is true. You can get an extra entry
on my giveaway post (HERE)
if you come back to tell me how many
she REALLY made. 
There's another blog hop coming soon!
Watch for it! 


  1. I;m working on my pillow:-) can't remember my date though, might have it on my email calendar

  2. Carol,you are crazy! Maybe we can add our purses together and beat her! What do you think? ;-)

  3. YOU all crazy ladies...who do you think she is talking about...I am in...lets' do that with Sue lol


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