Friday, September 7, 2012

"D" Is For Dots, "E" Is For Ellie

As I've mentioned before, those little blog hops motivate me to try new applique and embroidery. Yes, I know that is one chunky looking "E", but I wanted it to stand out on the pink applique piece with yellow dots. Just don't look too close....I'm new at this embroidery and applique thing.

I ordered a silicone sheet from Connecting Threads so I could work on learning how to applique things. While browsing through all the fun stuff over in their online store, I saw my favorite Martinelli rotary cutter. My other one had broken (I used it a lot) and I hadn't found another one until...whoohoo....
I love this little cutter (if you were here, you would have seen me do a happy dance--it wasn't very graceful, but at least I was happy.) Thank you Connecting Threads for making my day!

By the way, it's
 3 days until....


  1. Nothing is better than getting a package from Connecting Threads, whatever it is!

  2. As an experienced writer of the letter "e", I can say-you done good! Looking forward to "Dots".

  3. I love your little "e"! I have never even seen a rotary cutter like the one you bought...and I have never seen your happy I see a youtube video being made in the future of said happy dance?Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow, that's some cutter! Gonna have to go check that out!

  5. I love your E, it's elegant and looks very nice. I've never seen a rotary cutter like this, it looks like cutting around the corner ;-)
    I'm looking forward to the Dotsbloghop, can't wait for the fun to start, I'm also very interested in what you did with the dots and how many you made.


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