Saturday, September 8, 2012

"C" Is Not For Competitive

I've been asked if I'm competitive.
Just a little, tiny bit.
My kids have inherited that from me,
especially my oldest and youngest daughter.
My son-in-law is really competitive, too.

I like to win at card games, no doubt about it,
and it's safer if you stand back while my family is
playing a full round of Liverpool Rummy.
We're a rough and competitive card-playing family.
Other than that, I never feel the need to compete.

Not that it matters, but has anyone heard how many
dot projects "that other lady" is making?
Really, it doesn't matter, because
I am not competitive.

Speaking of dots.....2 days to dot launch!


  1. Not even a little? *wink wink* LOL

  2. mmmm Haven't heard a thing....have you heard what that Other CAROL is up to lol
    YOU just make me tinkle, I meant wiggle, I meant giggle lol

  3. What would life be without a wee bit of competition????

  4. Have no fear Carol, you will always be the bearer of the Crown! :) :) I adore you!


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