Monday, May 25, 2020

Need A Hug In A Zipper Bag?

I have such fun using Crafter's Edge Crossover II and fabric cutting dies.
There are so many fabric dies to choose it!

My "Need A Hug?" zipper and lined bag went together quickly using the
newly released Cactus die and Equilateral Triangle die for the applique.

Need A Hug?
Lined zipper bag measures approximately 15" x 18"

Dropping a "Need A Hug?" zipper bag filled with treats and necessities on someone's
doorstep would definitely brighten someone's day. The possibilities are endless for filling it!

The Crafter's Edge dies don't take up much room when storing and can cut up to six layers.
They just released a cactus die that was perfect for my "Need A Hug?" zippered bag.

I used the Equilateral Triangle die, the smallest one, for two of the rows.
The corners are notched to make it easy when sewing them together.

The cactus, snake, and lettering were backed with Heat n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive . 
You'll love how easy it is to peel off the protective backing paper. 

I used a video by Nicole at Sprout Patterns to make "Need A Hug?" because I felt it had great 
instructions for a lined zipper bag. Her instructions made it so easy to sew the bag together
using the front bag section I made with the cactus and equilateral triangles.

What You'll need for "Need A Hug?" 

18” Polyester Zipper
Thread/Embroidery Thread
Crafter’s Edge Crossover II
Crafter’s Edge Cactus and 3.1" x 2.5" Equilateral Die

Fabric Needed:

10-11 fat quarters

Cutting instructions:

Cut 1 – 6 ½” x 18” beige, front of bag
Cut 16 - 3.1” x 2.5” black, equilateral triangles
Cut 18 - 3.1” x 2.5” turquoise, equilateral triangles
Cut 4 - applique cactus shapes
Cut 2 – 3” x 18” brown, strips
Cut 2 – 15” x 18” beige, lining
Cut 1 – 15” x 18” brown, back of bag

*Tip: Ironing Heat n Bond Fusible Interfacing to the back of an applique block can help keep the
 threads from showing through fabric and stabilize the fabric to make stitching small pieces easier.

Sewing/Applique Instructions: Seams are sewn 1/4” wide

Prepare the cactus design using iron-on adhesive. 
Iron adhesive to wrong side of applique fabrics following package directions.
 Cut out four cactus shapes using Crafter’s Edge cactus fabric die.

Snake and lettering:

Right click on picture to save. Print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Pattern has been reversed.
Trace designs on iron-on adhesive.

Iron adhesive pieces to wrong side of fabrics following package directions. Cut out applique pieces. 
Peel off paper liner from the backs of applique pieces. Place applique, adhesive side down, on 
right side of fabric. Press according to package directions until entire piece is bonded. Let cool. 
Sew around edges of applique using a straight, zig-zag, or blanket stitch.

Using the Crafter's Edge Crossover II and 3.1" x 2.5" Equilateral Die, cut out
16 - 3.1” x 2.5” black, equilateral triangles
18 - 3.1” x 2.5” turquoise, equilateral triangles

With right sides together, sew equilateral triangles together alternating colors and directions.
Press seams to sides. Trim ends as shown below. Strips should be 18" long. 

With right sides together, sew equilateral triangle strips to top and bottom of center applique strip.

With right sides together, sew 3” x 18” brown strips to top and bottom of equilateral triangles.
Press seams towards brown strips.

Follow the video link above to sew the zipper bag together. 

*Instead of pinning the zipper in place before sewing, I used Fabric Fuse to hold it and the fabric 
layers in place. Just apply the Fabric Fuse to the fabric, lay the zipper on the fabric, let dry, and sew.
You'll love how it keeps the zipper right where it should be with no slipping out of place.

Fill your bag and share the hugs!

Visit ThermOWeb's blog where I'm hanging out today and see all the other
amazing Show Thanks ideas happening there.

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  1. Somebody is going to be happy to get it. Looking forward to finishing this corona thing.

  2. I love the idea of this on a doorstep for a friend! Its another great project and tempting me to get the adapters I need to use their dies....good job!


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