Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wandering Camera Photos In July

Soma at Whims and Fancies has encouraged photo taking and sharing
thanks to her Wandering Camera monthly event. I take a lot of pictures of my
quilts, but other photos usually just linger on my computer. I've tried to
click a few more pictures other than quilts to share during Wandering Camera.

We had a huge rainstorm come through our town.
It flooded a few houses and caused a lot of property damage.
The clouds were very ominous looking from our backyard!

So dark!

The view from our front yard.
There was a river running along our curb.

A river (that isn't usually there) through the neighborhood and golf course.

We had company for the 4th of July...Monkey Boys and their parents.
This is a miracle photo...they were ALL looking at the camera!

My two little pups. It's so hard to get them to hold still for a picture.
Another miracle photo that they both looked at the camera!



Flowers, of course.

Creepy Bunny posed with some creepy Riley Blake fabric.

I love to take bug pictures and this guy was more than willing to pose.


That face!

This bug is the enemy to our tomato plants, but he's interesting up close.

Yikes! It's an alien!

Thanks for wandering through my photos. Check out Soma's photos...they are amazing!


  1. Beautiful bug photos and flower photos...six boys would make for a busy family!! Love the wandering camera idea. Happy weekend to you.

  2. The bug photos are great. I love the faces, you captured them beautifully. Can't get over how big (old) the boys are getting. You don't realize it when the shots are individual but all together, wow.
    And while the rainy pictures are also beautiful the potential for flooding is a scary thing.

  3. Your 'wandering camera' has captured glorious photos. Love the tiny critter on the plant and those storm clouds are dramatic and amazing. I always love photos of clouds; they fascinate me.

  4. Your photos are wonderful. I love the variety and each one captures its subject beautifully :)

  5. You are really getting to be an expert with your photography. Even the alien (green worm) is amazing - makes ME feel creepy!

  6. Love the photos! Is that giant lizard on one of the rocks????

  7. Carol - sure would like to see some of that rain here in the UK and at home in Montana! That one cloud sure does look angry - great shot!! Your pups are adorable - the eyes are so pleading … I remember those cutworm caterpillars from my youth - my Dad would just rip it in half every time he found one. What did you do with your "model"?

  8. What great photos - the bugs probably were surprised to have a photo shoot that day - ha ha - too cool!

  9. You are a great photographer Carol, so many interesting and pretty shots :)

  10. A wonderful series of photos, offering us lovely and interesting glimpses.

  11. Your pictures are lovely. I especially love the buggy shots and the stormy skies.
    Your doggies are just sweet.

  12. Wish you could send some of those gorgeous clouds here, we can definitely use the rain. You captured the storm so beautifully though, and colours of the flowers. The family looks so happy, love the smiling faces. The pups are just adorable, beautiful eyes. The creepy bunny's shoes made me laugh out loud. Your close up bug photos are truly amazing, you got so much details in them and got them in action!! Great photos, Carol!!

    Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.


  13. The rainstorm must've been scary. To see rushing rivers where once they were not. Hope all came out well for you and your family.

    Those bugs--wowza! They're handsome little creatures. They remind me of the aliens in those Men in Black movies.


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