Thursday, March 15, 2018

Share The Love Baby Quilt Using Windham Daisy Chain Fabric

I grew up seeing Sunbonnet Sue on family quilts, aprons, and tea towels. My favorite
Sunbonnet Sue quilt was made by my great-grandmother who we called “Danny.”
I loved her heavy Norwegian accent and enjoyed watching her knit, embroider, and make quilts.
She was so gifted with her sewing skills! One thing she didn’t have was Heat n Bond EZ Print Lite
sheets to speed up her work on applique projects. I just slip a sheet of it into my inkjet printer
and ta-da, my applique designs are ready to be ironed on my fabric. No tracing!

Share The Love Baby Quilt

Everybody needs a little love and Sunbonnet Sue is making sure this little pig is getting
some special attention. The applique designs and quilt are made with
Windham’s Daisy Chain fabric by Annabel Wrigley.
I love the bright colors and think it is perfect for any version of Sunbonnet Sue!

I'm over at the Therm O Web blog today sharing more about this quilt.
Look around and check out all the other amazing projects!

This is what my "crew" was doing...tossing the quilt in the air.
They had a lot of fun helping me!

My favorite five year old Monkey Boy took his job seriously.

The pattern is available in Just Let Me Quilt's Pattern store at Craftsy.


  1. Love your "crew", very cute quilt Carol :)

  2. Sunbonnet Sue has been a classic my entire life and I love her. This quilt is perfect! What a tribute to your Great Grandmother. I love your photo crew! <3

  3. Hi Carol,
    Oh, I love Sunbonnet Sue and this is a really cute pattern! I especially love what a great job your quilt holder did on his job. He did super and maybe one day he might hire out with his skills. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Cute quilt, Carol! The colors are just right for Sunbonnet Sue to be enjoying a spring day. :) Thanks for sharing the pattern in your Craftsy store too.

  5. A+ Adorable. Neat fabric, fun framing and sweet applique pattern.

  6. Such a cute quilt. And a great crew too.

  7. That quilt is so cute! Love your helpers :) xx

  8. That is so cute. Love your little quilt holder too.

  9. It's good to have a serious helper who is just the right size! What an adorable quilt. I've always loved these patterns, and made quite a few of them. I may have to make this one, too. I'm going to check out those printable sheets. The thing that's most time consuming is tracing patterns - and I always trace them so that the block is backwards. LOL


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