Monday, January 22, 2018

Get Creative Using The Sizzix Coin Purse Die

My grandmother had a coin purse stashed in every corner of the house (or so it seemed.)
Each one was filled with different things including money, sewing items, and candy.
I decided to get creative and make some coin purses for every corner of my house using the
Sizzix CoinPurse die to cut out a big and small purse. It was so easy to use and sew together!

I'm over at the Therm O Web blog today sharing what I made...check it out HERE.
Take some time to look around at all the other amazing projects they have on their blog.

The Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft was perfect in between the outside fabric
and lining of the coin purse. It gave it stability without being stiff.
That purple Oliso makes ironing way more fun, too!

Of course, I used Aurifil 50wt to sew the purse together. It's my favorite go-to thread.
The magnetic pin holder is from Riley Blake...cute, cute, cute with those scissors!

Sizzix Coin Purse

To make a coin purse you'll need:

Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft, cut into two 8” x 9½” pieces
1 – fat quarter for exterior coin purse, cut into two 8” x 9½” pieces
1 – fat quarter for lining of coin purse, cut into two 8” x 9½” pieces
Sizzix Coin Purse Die, 2 cutting mats, and cutting machine
Heavy-duty glue like Beacon 3-in-1 or E6000
(No need to sew the frame to the coin purse using one of these glues...they are strong!)

Step 1:
Iron Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft to wrong sides of
exterior coin purse fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2:
Using the Sizzix Coin Purse die cut two exterior fabric coin purses with
adhered Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft. Cut two lining fabric coin purses.

To cut out coin purses using the die and cutting machine, fold exterior fabric purse in half,
wrong sides together. Place fold along the edge of Sizzix die that does not have a blade.
Be careful…the blade is sharp! 

Sandwich the cutting die between two cutting mats being careful to keep fabric in place.
At a slight angle, run die with fabric through your cutting machine. Repeat to make a total of two
exterior fabric purse pieces with Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft, and two lining pieces.
Note: If you're using directional fabric, be sure to place the folded fabric correctly on the die!

Step 3:
With exterior fabric coin purses wrong sides together and using a 1/4” seam allowance,
sew edges from the notch to edge of coin purse and along straight edge as shown.
The top rounded area and notched area is not sewn.

*Using a water-soluble marker helps to clearly mark the notch. There’s two on each piece.
(The notches are there, you just have to look for them because they are tiny.)

Step 4:
Repeat Step 3’s instructions for the lining fabric, but leave a 3” opening in the
middle of the straight edge to enable turning it inside out.

Step 5:
Pinch the small unsewn opening together and match seams on both sides.
Sew 1/4” seam allowance across edge as shown below. Repeat on the lining fabric.

Step 6:
Turn exterior fabric coin purse right side out. Place exterior coin purse inside lining fabric
coin purse, right sides together, lining up seams and top edge. Pin or use clips to hold in place. 

Step 7:
Begin sewing from center of coin purse and stop at side seams. Turn coin purse and repeat
on other side. Do the same on the other side of the coin purse.

Step 8:
Cut notches on the curved edge or trim with pinking shears.

Step 9:
Turn coin purse right side out. Using a pointed tool, push the corners out. Press around
the seam edges of coin purse. Press lower corners to create a flat bottom.

Step 10:
Stitch lining opening closed with slipstitches or by folding in seams and
stitch 1/8” from folded in edge.

Step 11:
Apply glue in the slotted area of the coin purse frame on one side. Gently push edges
of coin purse into the frame. Let dry. Repeat on other side of frame. If you get a bit of
glue on the metal frame like I did, it should just rub off...mine did.

Step 12:
Optional – Attach flower to one side of coin purse.
Use Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing – Light Weight on the wrong sides of fabric to add stability.
Cover fabric and interfacing with pressing cloth. Press and hold iron with medium pressure for
10-15 seconds. Repeat and overlap to cover all areas. Let cool. Cut out flower shapes using
fabrics, felt, lace, etc. Layer pieces with Fabric Fuse between each layer to hold them together.
Let dry. Apply flower to coin purse with Therm O Web Fabric Fuse Adhesive. Let dry.

I used the smaller coin purse on the Sizzix Coin Purse Die to make a pincushion.

To make the pincushion you'll need:

Sizzix Coin Purse Die, 2 cutting mats, and cutting machine
Heavy-duty glue like Beacon 3-in-1 or E6000
2 - 4” x 9” pieces of Heat n Bond Fleece Fusible High Loft
2 – 4” x 9” fabric for exterior coin purse
2 – 4” x 9” lining for coin purse
Walnut shells or other filling for pincushion

Step 1:
Create the small coin purse following the instructions above for the larger coin purse.

Step 2:
Attach small flower, if desired, following flower assembly instructions above. Let dry.

Step 3:
Fill the finished coin purse with walnut shells.

Step 4:
Place a thin line of heavy-duty glue on inside of coin frame. Close purse frame
and clip with clothespins to hold closed until glue dries.

You can find these instructions in a PDF format at my Craftsy store HERE.


  1. Those are so cute!! Thanks for sharing how to make them!!
    Thank you for also fixing it so I can comment on your blog again!!
    I was drooling all over the cookie recipes and couldn't say anything!!

  2. I also love coin purses and these are adorable. Thank you for sharing how easy they are to make with Therm-O-Web. I’ll go check it out. <3

  3. Those are really cute. I love the pin cushion idea.

  4. Those are very cute. I agree I like the pincushion idea.

  5. Such cuties these are! I love that easy cutting with the Sizzix too! The pinnie!...I did not expect to see it as a pinnie. Really fun, Carol.

  6. I LOVE this post! It makes me want to make some! I remember receiving these as gifts with a penny in them. Great colors and style!

  7. Carol those are great for coin purses or pincushions! How easy to cut with Sizzix dies (I do not own any die cutter though). I am still scared to use glue in frames. I see a glue mess, but sew-in ones do take a long time to do! What size purse frames did you use?

  8. Cute :) These look like fun to make and useful to use, win-win! You are thinking out of the box with the pinnie too!!


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