Friday, October 27, 2017

A Superhero Cape, Monkey Boys, And Heat n Bond EZ Print Transfer

It's always a treat to take photos of the Monkey Boys, but when they're dressed in
Halloween costumes they are even more fun to photograph because they ham it up big time!

Maybe he's whispering the secret location of the Penguin.

A cape brings out the superheroes in all of us!

 You don't want to mess with these two!

Check out Therm O Web's blog today to see how I made these two
Monkey Boys into superheroes using Heat n Bond EZ Print Transfer sheets.

You can find the cape pattern for a 2-6 year old at my Craftsy store HERE.


  1. Oh my goodness. Those boys are adorable. Nicely done on the costumes! mary in Az

  2. Very cute. Somehow the little one on the right doesn't look quite as intimidating with that sweet smile!

  3. Cuteness overload Carol, how do you get any sewing done :)

  4. Oh how very cute, and sweet are they? You are such a lucky grandma.

  5. Monkey Boys are extra cute in your adorable Super Hero costumes. I believe these two will save the world for us...<3

  6. The costumes and the boys are so cute.


  7. They sure look ready to take on the Joker and Penguin!

  8. Adorable Monkey Boys, and I love the capes. Look out, villains- the Monkey Boys are all set to foil your evil plans. :o)

  9. Oh these two are cute- er, Handsome and brave looking

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