Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where The Heck Is My Sewing Stuff?

I've been asking myself "Where the heck is my sewing stuff?" for the past couple weeks.
It's in the garage somewhere...key word "somewhere"...because I can't get to any of it.

This is what my sewing room looks like. The carpeting was taken out and the painting has begun.
We emptied the whole room two weeks ago to get ready for new flooring in the entire house.

The flooring is about two thirds done in the rest of the house, but my sewing room is last.
The flooring guys obviously aren't quilters or they would have known that the sewing room
 should have been done first! I can't wait to get this whole mess cleaned up so I can sew again.

This is tile that looks like wood. I'm loving how it is coming together!

During the first week of ripping out carpeting and old tile, I spent a week with the Monkey Boys
and their mom and dad. It was a little cozy (to say the least) to sleep in a twin bed with the 
three-year-old and both dogs. I think I slept a couple hours the entire week! Loved it, though!
It's nice to be home even if we're still kind of camping out until it's all finished.

These guys were interesting, but cute, to go grocery shopping with.
That shopping cart is so cool...the boys loved it!

The weeks before closing up my sewing room and moving the rest of the house out into the garage,
I was sewing like crazy to meet some deadlines.

There was the Road Home quilt:


The Boo To You Halloween quilt:

I think that pumpkin head looks sweet with the fabric flower bow:

A couple items for Therm O Web's booth at Quilt Market (can't show it all, yet):

This one just needs a label and binding for my niece's daughter.
She's into Andy Warhol art and she's only 12. The quilting was by Quilted Works.

I had the In My Garden Blocks almost finished, but I ran out of time.
The Eerie Nights blog hops is coming soon...I need to sew!

I need to visit all the blogs I've been missing, too, 
because...YOU inspire me!


  1. I don't know how you are dealing with not sewing. I know you've been crazy with deadlines, I KNOW! Maybe you needed this break. Love all of your quilts and inspiration. You always rock my stitching world!

  2. You are going to love your floors. We have the wood look tile throughout our house and I love it. Pins not stuck in the carpet, thread scraps sweep up easily, just don't drop anything breakable because it doesn't stand a chance. Enjoy.

  3. That tile is fabulous and will be awesome in your sewing room. The wait will be worth it!

  4. At least you will have a new floor. I am piled and I have OSB for a floor.

  5. Your new tile floors will be so wonderful and easy to keep clean. As for can you e without your machine? I am without my sewing room and do not know when I can have it back! What are men thinking?!! Love everything you create. Your Monkey Boys are just too adorable and I think you must be the very best Grandma EVER!!!

  6. Oh man... you need to get yourself to a quilt shop that lets you rent time on a machine! I'm sure they'd also be more than happy to sell you whatever you need for a project. :)

  7. Ugh, couldn't you put your sewing machine in the bathroom?? that room is already tiled, right?
    I love the new tile. It looks sensational

  8. We're moving across the country, so my sewing room has been packed up since July -- to insure I didn't slip into a sewing coma and slow down the packing process! I feel your pain, sister!

  9. I love the colors you chose, it's so clean to have new paint and tile throughout the house. Life is good! <3

  10. Love the tile ! Love the monkey boys picture !

  11. Oh, you are busy! Love the floor. Looks great so far. Can't wait to see your room.


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