Thursday, July 7, 2016

Organizing And Shopping For Fabric

Shopping for fabric is fun.
Organizing fabric is just a necessity...not so fun.

Finally! My fabrics are sorta-kinda organized into an easy way to see what I have.
I need to sew everyday for the next 10 years to use all this fabric!

Then there's the shopping...yummy fabrics arrived in the mail.

Blend Fabrics, oh how I love thee!

Creepy Bunny felt a little left out from appearing on my blog,
so he gets to show this adorable Crayon box of fabrics by Riley Blake.
I don't even want to open it!

I've been sewing for The Road Home Row Along...busy, busy, busy. 

Playing with Deco Foil, too. Nothing like a little bling to brighten my day!

Monkey Boys are coming to visit soon. Sewing may have to wait.
Or, maybe they'll jump in to help me sew something!


  1. What's up with creepy bunny? LOL not so creepy holding those cool colors! Love that you sort mostly by color. Get those monkey boys making something!

  2. Great way to keep organized! Creepy bunny got his hands on some fun! Have a happy weekend!

  3. The Crayola box looks right at home in Creepy Bunny's paws. It might be a great place to radiate ideas from. Enjoy your time with the boys.

  4. I never find a good way to organize my fabrics. The bunny looks right at home with the crayon fabrics. Have fun with the boys.

  5. Oh my that is a lot of fabric - can I come and play? I love the new crayon fabrics. Enjoy the monkeys.

  6. I thought I had a lot of fabric, but you win. I actually enjoy organizing my fabrics because I get to play with and pet it. Plus, it helps me remember what I have. I have an idea, give some fabric to the monkey boys and see how they would organize it.

  7. Oh I am envious of your organization! Unfortunately my room does not have that sort of space. We all need to travel and shop each other's stashes. Imagine being able to shop from Sharon's stash?

  8. Hey, CB! Love seeing your wonderful face! ;) And that's sure a nice stash of fabric!

  9. WWOOOWWW. That is organization!!! I wish I had that kind of discipline. I see an empty spot on that shelf, Carol. You better shop for some more!

  10. Hello Creepy Bunny, are you ready for Halloween yet? Those shelves look sturdy enough to add lots more Carol :) I need to get more of mine off the tends to ummmm, accumulate there...

  11. Hello Carol ,love your creepy bunny,glad he got into your blog post,lol.
    Boy you are so organised with your sewing stuff and I love your new fabrics,hope you have a lovely day ......

  12. I use those shelves too, just not in bins, maybe I should? I just like looking at the stacks of fabrics :)

  13. Ohhh love new fabric.
    Everything neat and tidy.
    That rabbit is creepy yikes
    Happy times with the monkeys

    1. I love that Crayola box with fabric! I love seeing the creepy bunny!


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