Friday, January 22, 2016

Creating An Instagram Photo Quilt

I know a very sweet girl who is on an adventure of a lifetime and posting her photos on Instagram
has allowed all of us to be a part of her excitement. After creating the friendship pillow with
Therm O Web's Transfer Sheets, I had a BIG idea on how to make her a wonderful memory keeper...


I'm taking her pics from Instagram (with her permission, of course) and making her a quilt with 
the photos of her hanging out with friends like Snow White, Belle, Ariel, Prince Charming,
Cinderella and more. It is so fun putting this together and the transfer sheets are really easy to use.
I've been into hearts a lot, so Heat N Bond Lite came to the rescue for adding all the red lovelies.

Here's a few steps on how I got those photos onto the fabric:

This is what I used for printing the photos:

I used Microsoft Word for printing my pics because it allowed me to flip the pictures before printing,
plus it has a spot where I could make the photos exactly the size I needed them to be.

I ran a transfer sheet through my ink jet printer with the pics I wanted to use.
My pics were 4.5" x 4.5" to fit on the 5" x 5" white fabric squares I was using. 
Making the pics 4.5" x 4.5" made sure I'd have a 1/4" seam allowance for sewing.

Following the package directions, I pressed the transfer sheet pic onto the white fabric square.
I made sure to flip the pics before printing (I had a few "whoops" ones where I forgot.)

After removing the printed transfer sheet liner from the fabric, I used the included 
pressing sheet to finish setting the photo into the fabric. 

I loved how bright this one was!
The quality of the photos makes a big difference on how they look on the fabric.
I darkened a few of the photos to ensure deeper colors.

After letting it cool, I was ready to sew!
Such a beautiful Ariel! be continued.
I have a bit more sewing to do on this quilt and then I'll share it.
Just a little lot excited about it!


Comments are always appreciated!

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