Thursday, October 2, 2014

RBD Flannel Exhibition Blog Tour...My Day!

Riley Blake Designs has come out with some of the most gorgeous flannel and what
better way to show it off than to have a Flannel Exhibition Blog Tour.
You're going to love all the designs they have available!

My mom made nightgowns for all her daughters and granddaughters almost every Christmas. 
They were amazing and loved by all of us! There was ribbing at the wrist and a zipper front.
I wish my mom had some of the beautiful flannels by Riley Blake to sew with...
she would have gone nuts over the quality and designs!

My nightgown isn't at all like my mom's, but this one is better suited for the hot weather around here.

I chose the Girl Crazy floral blue flannel...

...and the Girl Crazy dots blue flannel for my nightgown.

It has an underskirt lining and the polka dot flannel makes a great accent as ruffles.

My mom also made heavy-duty quilted fabric bathrobes for all of us and we'd wear them until they
were tattered and worn. I went for a simpler robe by creating one in the form of a hooded cape
using a basic design that I found at Simon and Company (her cape has a collar, mine has a hood).
Her directions are perfect, easy to understand, so there's no need for me to be reinventing the pattern.

It kind of has a Little Red Riding Hood look to it, only in blue.

I made my cape 20" long, but followed the directions about measuring and folding fabric in quarters.
I cut one piece of the fabric, one piece for lining, and one piece of batting (to make it cozy and warm.)

I cut down 2.5" for the neckline just like Simon and Company instructed.

I made a shape like this for the hood (real scientific pattern, isn't it!)
I added a little tab and used Velcro for the closure...the button was just for looks.

My cape was going to be made of flannel, which I thought I ordered from Lady Luck Fabrics,
but when my package arrived in the mail it had the luscious Girl Crazy design in regular fabric.
I was actually excited about my error, because  it is so cool that this fabric comes in both
flannel and cotton! I added some RBD yellow gingham for the lining, some polka dot flannel
to keep it soft around the face, and then quilted it with straight lines to keep it all together. 

I used this pattern to create my nightgown (it's really a dress,) but changed it up a bit, of course!
I added six inches to lengthen it and folded the ruffle over so I wouldn't have to narrow hem it.

McCall's M6065

Thanks, Riley Blake Designs, for creating such amazing and beautiful flannel!

Check out the other blogs showing really cool things to make with flannel:


  1. You are so ambitious! This is as adorable set! Delightful post, too.

  2. How cute is this Carol! Any little girl would adore it! blessings, marlene

  3. So cute and the fabric really looks soft and comfy :)

  4. That nightgown and cape is beautiful! How perfect for that pretty fabric!!!

  5. Those are fabulous. I love the fabrics as much as the cute designs.

  6. Oh my goodness that is fabulous! Our girls would have loved that!!! I love the detail work..amazing!

  7. That is so cute! What a good job you did! I love the colors and the fabric!!

  8. Darling gown and cape! I haven't worked with flannel very much but love to fondle the fabric in the stores. Maybe someday. Love the picture at the piano. Sweet.

  9. Your nightgown is so cute and I love the cape instead of a robe. I think my granddaughter will be getting one when she gets older!

  10. Carol, that is just 2 cute! The cape is perfect for adding a bit of warmth.

  11. Hi!!!! These are both so pretty!!!! Love all the ruffles too!!!!

  12. this is so adorable I don't know what to say...except sorry I did not get here sooner...psst. well you know ..
    but the cape the ruffles, the hoodie...allll so darn gorgeous...ahhh but you have monkey boys lol

  13. Carol! It's darling. Cozy, cute, adorable. I'd like a hooded robe in red, please.

  14. You are truly talented! That nightgown and cape is adorable. I would not want to ever take it off!

  15. Just adorable. My DD would love that nightgown.

  16. Two adorable garments! I totally love the dress/nightie. I thought it looked toooo cute for a nightie and then when you said there was an underskirt, I really began to be perplexed. Nice to read that it was a dress and that I wasn't out in left field. Fabulous that you can take a pattern (cape) and make it your own. Great choice of fabric design.

  17. How cute is that Carol ! I read the word lined.... I thought.... impressive,you impress me all the time with your sewing.

  18. Your nightgown and cape turned out very cute.

  19. Oh my! That cape is just adorable. Leave it to you to make one pattern even better.

  20. Too cute for words. I always love any thing you make.

  21. What little gal wouldn't want to sport such stylish sleeping duds. My goodness, just BEAUTIFUL! Love the flannel you chose.

  22. Carol, this set is adorable!! These fabrics make it so huggable and cozy looking too. Just Love RBD Flannel!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Huggs, Nancy

  23. Carol, isn't that the cutest ensemble ever?? So adorable - your design and stitching is perfection

  24. Beautiful! and that is cool that the fabrics are both in cotton and flannel.

  25. So cute. Never thought of a cape versus a robe. Very cute idea. Thanks for sharing. They are both gorgeous.


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