Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marcy's Little Sneaky Peeky

Marcy's been busy and has her bowls ready
to post over at That Other Blog on
August 27th, but she said
you could have a little peek.... 

Think Christmas--July 31st

Wasn't yesterday just so amazing! I was just WOW'd at all the different blocks and creations from everyone. I had so many nice comments on my post--thank you! I tried to reply to everyone, but some of you had no reply blogger status or didn't include your email address so you didn't get a personal "thank you." Just remember, if I can't reply to or contact you it is going to be hard to let you know if you win the turnovers.

Since my day is over (whew!), I can just sit back and enjoy the sleigh ride for the rest of this hop. Here's today's list of hoppers:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Think Christmas--My Turn! And Winner Update

It's the first day of Think Christmas AND it is my day to share my blocks--so glad you dropped by to visit! With temperatures around here reaching 110 degrees and up, it was a little hard to think snowmen and Christmas trees but it was great weather to make me want to stay inside and sew!

A special thanks to Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter for all her hard working putting this together
and to Madame Samm for making it all happen!

Paper piecing going on here!
-Two snowmen and a Christmas tree-
Those three 12 1/2" blocks turned into this runner:
Just a little something about me: I used to have an iguana who I rescued when she was about a foot long. She ended up around four feet long and her name was "Wanda", though I eventually found out she was a he. Ooops!
This was Wanda aka Juan
Lizards/iguanas (not real ones anymore) perch in various places in my house and in my yard, including this guy. He's watching over my little tree and as you can see, it is a paper pieced 6 /12" block.
I made one of these little gift blocks. No more.
All those trees kind of took over.
Yes, ALL those trees. I couldn't stop myself (which seems to be a common theme in
these blog hops) and ended up making around 30 cute little Dr. Seuss fabric trees.
This was one of my sneaky peeky pics--love that guy, obviously, since
I have quite a few Seussy kind of quilts in my house.
All those little trees became this Grinch Christmas Quilt
I had some Moda turnovers (see giveaway below to win a couple packs)
just shouting at me to become pinwheels, so these little blocks....
...turned into these two huge pinwheels (or spinning stars)
and hopefully, will turn into at least six more blocks....
Could I stop there? No, of course not!
Though I could never keep up with Madame Samm (who could?),
I just had to make these little paper pieced
blocks from Regina Grewe's Christmas collection.
They were so fun to make! Definitely more to come...
Oh, yeah, there's a giveaway, of course!
Two Moda Turnovers, "The Caroler", to ONE lucky winner!
The giveaway is now closed.
The winner is 

"I really love your Christmas tree quilt. And I'd like to win the fabric, always longing for more fabric. I'm your follower by e-mail."
An email has been sent letting her know she won.

Just A Little Sneaky Peeky

Jody sent me her bowl photos and said I could give
you a little sneaky peeky, so......
In about two weeks we start posting the first
bowls in the Bowls With Borders blog hop.
I think there are some busy bowl hoppers
sewing, sewing, and sewing......exciting!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Almost Time!


I finished sewing my Seuss thing for Think Christmas, but I just couldn't put the remaining fabric back in the closet. There had to be something I could sew. Hmmmm....a baby shower is coming soon, for a little girl, so...since Seuss was just staring at me, begging for just one more moment at my sewing machine, I gave in. A little green ruffle helped make it a little more girlie.
The front
A little girl
The back 
Okay, now I'm ready for this with Lesley,
this with ME,
and this with Corrie. 
Fun times are coming!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dot, Dot, And More Dots

Did you sign-up, yet?
You haven't?
Oh, my!
Hurry on over to see Corrie.
She's at Quilt Taffy and is
just waiting for you to email
her with
Click right HERE to get to her blog.
Go, now! Friday is the deadline for sign-ups.
Are you ready for Think Christmas? You should be!
Only 6 more days before you get wow'd at
I hear Lesley is ready for us to visit,
so don't miss out--it all starts July 30th!

Deutsch? Dutch? English?

With so many visitors from other countries, I added a Google Translate button on my sidebar. I'm not sure if it helps, makes sense in translation, or what, but it has helped me when I visit a blog in another language and they have a translation button on their sidebar. It makes it so much more fun to read it rather than just look at their pictures. So if you're visiting here from somewhere else besides the United States--WELCOME--and try that little translate button and let me know if it helps a little.
(This was translated at translate.google.com and hopefully isn't telling you that you have smelly feet or your dog is ugly. LOL!)

(Thanks, Regina, for translating the German for me!)
Da viele Besucher aus anderen Ländern kommen, habe ich den Google Übersetzer in meine Seitenleiste aufgenommen. Ich weiß nicht, ob das immer hilfreich ist oder eine sinnvolle Übersetzung ergibt, aber mir hat es oft geholfen beim Besuch einer fremdsprachigen Seite. Es ist doch viel schöner, wenn man ein wenig mitlesen kann statt nur Bilder anzuschauen! Also, wenn Du mich aus einer anderen Ecke der Welt besuchst - WILLKOMMEN – und probiere die Google-Übersetzung einmal aus und teile mir mit, ob es ein wenig hilft.

Con tantos visitantes de otros países, he añadido un botón de Google Translate en mi barra lateral. No estoy seguro de si le ayuda, tiene sentido en la traducción, o qué, pero me ha ayudado en mi visita a un blog en otra lengua y tienen un botón de traducción en su barra lateral. Esto hace que sea mucho más divertido que leer en vez de sólo mirar sus fotos. Así que si estás aquí de visita de algún otro lugar aparte de los Estados Unidos - Bienvenido - y tratar de que el botón de traducir algo y quiero saber si le ayuda un poco. (Esto se tradujo en translate.google.com y espero que no te está diciendo que usted tiene mal olor de pies o de tu perro es feo. LOL!)

Avec autant de visiteurs en provenance de pays autres, j'ai ajouté un bouton Google Translate sur ma sidebar. Je ne sais pas si ça aide, fait sens dans la traduction, ou quoi, mais il m'a aidé quand je visite un blog dans une autre langue et ils ont un bouton de traduction sur leur barre latérale. Il rend tellement plus amusant de le lire plutôt que de simplement regarder leurs photos. Donc, si vous êtes en visite ici de quelque part d'autre que les États-Unis - BIENVENUE - et d'essayer que le petit bouton traduire et laissez-moi savoir si ça aide un peu. (Cela a été traduit au translate.google.com et j'espère ne pas vous dire que vous avez les pieds malodorants ou de votre chien est laid. LOL!)

Met zo veel bezoekers uit andere landen, heb ik een Google Translate knop op mijn zijbalk. Ik weet niet zeker of het helpt, zinvol is in vertaling, of wat, maar het heeft mij geholpen toen ik een bezoek aan een blog in een andere taal en ze hebben een vertaling knop op hun zijbalk. Het maakt het zoveel leuker om het te lezen in plaats van alleen te kijken naar hun foto's. Dus als je hier een bezoek van iemand anders dan de Verenigde Staten - WELKOM - en probeer die kleine knop Vertalen en laat me weten als het helpt een beetje. (Dit werd vertaald in translate.google.com en hopelijk wordt je niet vertellen dat je stinkende voeten of uw hond lelijk is. LOL!)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bloc Loc--Loving It!

One thing that my sister and I just love when we go to fabric/quilt stores is when they demo a sewing item for us. We're suckers for demos and almost always buy the item. Some of the gadgets end up in a drawer, buried beneath the other must-have items that weren't as fun or usable as they seemed to be.

This little ruler isn't buried in that drawer--I love it! It's been used a lot the last few days as I thought about Christmas and sewed little triangles together....

Here's the link for a video on how it works: http://www.blocloc.com/index.html

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So....What Holiday Is Next?

With so much Red, White, and Blue (that's over, right?) and Christmas, Halloween, and bowls hanging out in my sewing room, I'm getting kind of confused (which isn't much of a stretch for me) about what holiday I should be celebrating next.

Are stacking bowls considered a holiday?
They are in my house!

My sewing machine is smokin' from all the sewing going on and my husband keeps nodding and smiling at each little thing I show him (he knows that's a good thing to do.) Here's a little sneaky peeky at what I showed him this morning...I'm Thinking Christmas on this one!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Following Follower Won!

(I've sent you an email)
Thank you for following me
(though I have no idea where I'm going)
and for being so nice and returning more
than once to my little blog.
For that reason, and that reason only,
you deserve this little giveaway!
PS. Are these little cheerleading pom poms just so cute!
I'm a lucky lady to have them on my blog.
Thanks, Madame Samm!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's A Trend--Follower Giveaway!


Because I am so excited that
some of you were kind enough to follow me
(I'm easily excited about these types of things),
I'm adding just a little extra giveaway on my simple little blog
as a way of saying "Thank You!" for following me.
This giveaway is only open for a few days--winner will be chosen on
Friday, July 20th, 6 p.m. PST, and announced soon after.
Rules for entry:
  1. Must be a Follower, new or not-so-new, (which is why I'm doing this in the first place)
  2. Leave a short and sweet comment.
  3. Make sure I can contact you if you're a noreply blogger. Typing out your email address like this helps avoid spammers: iblog at aol dot com.
  4. I'll mail the giveaway item anywhere if you win.
  5. Only one entry per person.
What am I giving away you ask?

How about a Curio by Basic Grey charm pack?
Okay, that's what it is!


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