Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marcy's Little Sneaky Peeky

Marcy's been busy and has her bowls ready
to post over at That Other Blog on
August 27th, but she said
you could have a little peek.... 


  1. OH my Goodness you are killing me lol. I was just thinking where is that schedule and where am I lol. I know of course and I have come up with a unique addition to my bowls...no nothing not even a peak ...
    haven't made it yet..but my mind has lol

  2. Man, was thinking the same as Madamme Samm, maybe I need to check, is the showing schedule sooner than I think??? Maybe I'm actually way behind?? But no, I think I'm good. I have plenty of time. Marcy's just quicker than the rest of us!! And I love dots, so Marcy's bowls are pretty exciting!!! Can't wait to the rest of them. Wish I knew someone with suessical dots.........


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