Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Just Learned I'm Vintage

I dragged my husband out to an antique shop yesterday and was shocked to learn that things I received as wedding presents are now considered vintage. When did that happen! I'm still using some of the items that were on the shelves. I just thought I had junk and old things in my house, but now I know they're "vintage" so that makes them better, right?

As I walked the aisles in that store, I was drawn to bowls for some strange and unusual reason. These two caught my eye and gave me some inspiration for my Bowls With Borders creation. Of course, that inspiration meant buying more fabric.....

Love the colors!


  1. Be happy that you are only 'vintage' and not an 'antique' LOL!!! I have some of those bowls as well (they belonged to my hubby's grandmother and hold lots of fun memories of holidays past)!

  2. I am vintage, at least that is what my kids tell me. Love the bowles, I think I might have some down in the basement, must bring them up to use.

  3. Isn't that funny, I notice the same thing. I go into antique and consignment stores and see things I remember having as a kid. I guess I am antique, then, haha. I never thought about the bowls I see, great idea to take some photos of things I see and use them as appliqué ideas.



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