Sunday, June 26, 2016

Row By Row 2016 From Quilted Works

I stopped by Quilted Works yesterday for just a couple yards of fabric and then saw that
the new Row by Row 2016 pattern was out. Of course, I bought the kit since it was laser cut.
So cute! 

It was much easier to put this row together with #2 Monkey Boy helping me. He watched carefully
as I was cutting the fabric and used the tape measure to double check the sizes that were being sewn
together. He was great at laying out the pieces in the right order for me to sew and then was happy
 to press the sewn seams. He'd never done this before and it was so cute to hear him repeat 
"Press to the dark side" as he walked from the sewing room to his ironing space. Love this boy!

Here's another kit that was very cute...had to have it, too!

There won't be any traveling to far away places this summer, so the ice cream truck row
will probably be among the very few rows I will be getting from quilt stores nearby.

I can't wait to see more of the rows!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Week Full Of Monkeys

I've had a week full of four Monkey Boys (the baby stayed home with mom and dad) and
it has definitely been a fun time. My home has never had so much noise and activity!

One adventure was to the Dinosaur Track Museum

With four boys under 11 years old in the house I've learned that:

I will need to wear a hazmat suit to clean the bathroom when they leave.
There is never enough food to feed them...they eat CONSTANTLY!
Markers aren't a good thing to have around with a three year old in the house.

Laundry is an endless and forever thing to do.
Sometimes hearing "Grandma" is a wonderful thing. 
Sometimes it means there's something not so good awaiting me.
I'm grateful for the Disney channel when temperatures are over 100 degrees outside.
Having stain resistant furniture is a must.
Being dared to jump in the pool of cold water isn't so bad once I heard them all laugh.

I've loved every minute of those boys, though, and will miss them terribly when they go home.

Sewing can wait...they can't. Love those Monkey Boys!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's All About The Flowers Quilt

It was only a few years ago that I started to make applique quilts and seriously, they
weren't my favorite thing to do. I didn't like the tracing part of applique...boring!
Then I found the easy way to transfer those designs to the iron-on adhesive.
HeatnBond EZ Print Lite them!
I made this quilt using those sheets and it was so fast.

It's All About The Flowers
Fabrics by Dear Stella - Junebug

I'm over on the Therm O Web blog today...check it out HERE!
Check out Dear Stella's Junebug fabric line, too...they are amazing and beautiful!

You can find the PDF pattern at Just Carol's Craftsy Store HERE.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another Extra In Our Garden Block

Carla created an extra block for the In Our Garden blog, so cute!
Thanks, Carla!

Here's the schedule for all the blocks:

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My June blocks:

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Here's a few more of my extra blocks:

There's a Facebook page, too! 
Share your blocks and/or see what everyone else is making.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eat, Sleep, Laugh, Sew, Repeat

Four days, eight women, and a big house for us to use.
Wowzers! We did a lot of the eat, sleep, laugh, sew, repeat stuff.
It was the most fun I've had in years!

I managed to finish two quilt tops (or two flimsy's if that's what you want to call them.)

I had this kit to sew from called Lightening Strikes.
I love how bright those lightening strikes are!

This quilt was started about three years ago, so I took it to finish...yay, it's done!

I took several other projects, but didn't quite get to them.
Guess they'll have to wait until the next retreat.
I probably could have finished more things, but there was way too much good food to eat,
lots of shopping to do, plenty of laughing over stupid stuff that you would have had to be there to 
think it was funny, and a little sleeping to do. Totally a crazy and fun time with those ladies!

This is Brenda...she's the ringleader. I've known her her!

Susan had us rolling on the floor laughing almost all the time.
Don't even get her started on where "THE CLOUD" is actually located.

Vicki rocked with all her projects. She made pillowcase dresses and gorgeous cuddle quilts.

I'm not sure Paula and I should be allowed to eat sweets, drink soda, and not have enough sleep
all at the same time. To say we laughed at anything and everything is an understatement.

Nancy wow'd us with her hand stitching and Bernice was the queen of yo-yo flowers on her quilts.
How cool is it to have the cutting area and kitchen so close to each other!
Cut a little, eat a little.

Nancy made some amazing and intricate quilts!

There were some serious moments...just a few, though.

Some of the beautiful creations from the retreat...



She also made some adorable sundresses and quilts.

I lost count of all the self-binding baby quilts that she made!

Lots of willing helpers...


The other Nancy...

Seriously, I can't wait to do this again!
Thanks to Brenda's Crew (or the Sisterhood) for so much fun!
P.S. I promised I wouldn't post any pics that weren't good...darn!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Desert Bloom Blog Hop With Amanda Herring

Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish has a new and amazing fabric line called Desert Bloom.
Love it (and that cute Amanda Herring, too!)
Amanda and Riley Blake Designs gathered several of us together to get creative with this
gorgeous fabric. You can check out all the fabrics in the Desert Bloom line HERE.

A Dresden Bloom Quilt

Quilted Works did the beautiful quilting on it!
You can't see it, but there is cuddly white minky on the back

I love all the birds on her fabric, so I embroidered one in the middle of the Dresden.

A sweet apron for the dolly in the other Desert Bloom color...the pattern is Simplicity #1240...


...and one for this cute girl!

Thanks, Miss Ellie, for being my apron model!

 Thanks, Riley Blake Designs and Amanda, for letting me sew with this sweet fabric!

Oh, and look at this cute "Thank You" from Amanda...the cookie was delicious, by-the-way.
Thank you. Amanda, for this sweet package and for letting me sew with your fabric!

You can find Riley Blake Designs and Amanda Herring on Instagram:

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