Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's All About The Flowers Quilt

It was only a few years ago that I started to make applique quilts and seriously, they
weren't my favorite thing to do. I didn't like the tracing part of applique...boring!
Then I found the easy way to transfer those designs to the iron-on adhesive.
HeatnBond EZ Print Lite them!
I made this quilt using those sheets and it was so fast.

It's All About The Flowers
Fabrics by Dear Stella - Junebug

I'm over on the Therm O Web blog today...check it out HERE!
Check out Dear Stella's Junebug fabric line, too...they are amazing and beautiful!

You can find the PDF pattern at Just Carol's Craftsy Store HERE.


  1. Yes the tracing part can be boring. You could buy a Brother Scan and Cut machine too (around $500), but then you have to spend so much time to learn how to use it (and remember how to use it of you don't use it often). The nice thing about those Scan and Cuts (I don't own one but a friend does) is that you can cut multiple pieces, position it so that you can use scraps and not waste fabric (like some of those die cut machines waste fabric) and the cuts are perfect every time too. Between tracing or just drawing and then cutting by hand, my appliques aren't as crisp as I would like them. But the cost of one of those machines is like buying a sewing machine and I don't have the space for one anyhow.

    However you cut those flowers out your quilt is so pretty and fresh looking like spring.

  2. Love your posies! Especially that stripey one, great fabric choice!

  3. What a sweet quilt!! It is so happy!

  4. Flowers of Fun. Lovely and I am off to check out Therm-O-Web.

  5. And all these years I've been cutting my own sheets from the Heat n Bond roll. The quilt is brilliant with color. Darling flower design mixed into a great pattern!

  6. Cute quilt. Love the idea of the applique that can be ran through the printer. I need to buy some soon.

  7. What a cute quilt! Looks like the centers just pop!

  8. What a cute quilt! Looks like the centers just pop!

  9. A sweet quilt,I love pastels. Do you scan the pattern on your computer then print them out on the adhesive?

  10. Very cute fabric.....What do you do with all the girly quilts you make when you have all those boys?


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