Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It's The Last Day And My Day Of The Virtual Cookie Exchange

It always makes me a bit sad to see the Virtual Cookie Exchange come to an end.
The thought of waiting another year for a cookie party with you is so hard!

But we have today, so let's enjoy the virtual scent of fresh baked cookies, new ideas for traditions,
projects, and beautiful Christmas quilts. I love hanging out with you!

It's my day to share my own recipes, quilts and traditions along with some other
amazing blogger friends. I'm glad you're here for my party!
P.S. I think this is one of my longest posts ever...sorry. Just skip to the end when you get bored.

I'm lucky I have a totally normal family!


When I was a child we spent Christmas Eve at my grandparent's house. 
We HAD to wait until my grandfather got off work before we could eat or open presents. 
Since he was the manager of a grocery store that stayed open as long as possible,
 that meant our waiting seemed like FOREVER, especially for a little kid like me. 
We were so tired and hungry by the time he got home!
I'm the one up front with two of my older sisters in dresses my mom sewed for us.


My mom started the tradition of Christmas morning breakfast and we've carried it on.
Some of them don't bother to get out of their pajamas.


Every year we had a party that included two of my favorite friends and their families.
Lots of food, laughing, and memories.
We had so much fun!

We'd have a special visitor sometimes, too.

Our Christmas Eve parties are pretty much just my family now...with the Monkey Boys, of course.


This is a much anticipated event with some serious competition involved.

Sometimes things happen accidently or on purpose...

The number of gingerbread houses has grown quite a bit over the years!


When my kids were little, Christmas baking was massive at our house. 
There were cookies for school parties, church parties, neighborhood gifts, our traditional 
Christmas Eve party, and "eat me now" cookies. Then the Monkey Boys came along
 and everything changed. My daughter took over the baking and now I sit back and enjoy
the delicious rewards of all the goodies she bakes. My family loves her baked cookies!


I had a cookie recipe I'd been wanting to try (I even bought all the ingredients) but I didn't
have the time to tweak it by removing some of the yucky stuff that was in it. Okay, so maybe it
didn't have yucky stuff in it, but it had things that I didn't want in there. My daughter came to the
 rescue and said she'd whip them up for me. Yay! She even took photos...yes, she's a keeper.
With a baby on her hip, a toddler holding on to her legs, and four other monkeys climbing
the walls, she tweaked the recipe and made cookies that were so delicious!
They were Monkey Boy approved, too.

Ganache Filled Cookies

Grinch Ganache Filled Cookies (just add a little green dye)

Grinch Inspired Christmas Quilt
This is my newest 2018 Christmas quilt...I love that Grinch guy!

Thanks for scrolling through my Christmas stuff!
Check out the amazing stories and recipes from some very special blogger friends:

November 27

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TODAY - November 29

Hold on...there's two giveaways!
Two lucky winners will be chosen.


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It's an amazing gadget for holding your sewing tools.

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Congratulations to Daryl who won the Stash 'n Store!

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Congratulations to H Clare who won the gift certificate!

There's a Pinterest page for all the cookies and projects, too!

Cookies from the past Virtual Cookie Exchanges...

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you've had fun seeing all the traditions, recipes, and Christmas quilts!

Monday, November 26, 2018

My Annual Virtual Cookie Exchange Starts Today

I'm so excited to host another virtual cookie exchange!
Some of the past year's recipes have become my favorite Christmas cookies to bake
and I'm sure there will be more added to my "must make this" list of baking this year.

I'm so glad you stopped by today to join my virtual cookie exchange!

There was a bit of a change to the "rules" this year...

Share a Christmas cookie recipe, tradition, and/or quilt.
Recipes can be a favorite from your childhood or a current one.
Traditions and quilts can be old or new.

It's going to be an amazing blog hop/party with my friends!

TODAY - November 27

There's a Pinterest page for all the cookies and projects, too!

Cookies from the past Virtual Cookie Exchanges...

Have fun visiting, commenting, and virtually inhaling the heavenly scent of cookies!
I'll have a giveaway on my post November 29th...come on back to enter.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Riley Blake Designs Novelty Of The Month XOXO

Riley Blake Designs XOXO Novelty of the Month fabric by Doodlebug Designs Inc. 
is full of hugs and kisses in three different colors. Using it for making quilts, clothes, or
wherever your imagination takes you, will definitely make someone smile.
Getting hugs and kisses the Monkey Boys makes me smile for sure!

Puppy Hugs and Kisses
30" x 30"

A small quilt and a friend to snuggle with...a perfect combination!

We were lucky to find Tuacahn's background displays from plays in a spot for photos.

Snuggling with Puppy Hugs and Kisses put this guy to sleep!

A gift for the Prince of Egypt 

There's so many ways to use this cute fabric!

You can find this pattern in my Etsy store HERE.
Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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