Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm Hopping All Over The Place!

My Red, White, and Blue blocks were sewn and posted at Jane's blog hop on time. Yay! More going on over there so be sure to go look.
August 13-28th - Bowls With Borders preparations progressing nicely; emails sent to all. Sewing has begun! Found just the fabric I was looking for and bought it. Uh, yeahhhh, I was going to use some of my stash, but then I saw something else and had to buy it, of course.
I think there is something besides RWB and bowls going on. Let me think....

Oh, yeah!
My giveaway! Go HERE to enter--it ends July 18th!

 Wait! Is there more? Oh, yeah there's more!

I have two quilts almost ready for pick-up.


Something about Christmas....Hmmm.....let me THINK...

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas...

July 30th rings a bell...a Christmas bell, I think.
The bowls will just have wait, which is hard because they are so cute!

It's over a hundred degrees here, but I've
got Jingle Bells hopping through my head.
Gotta love it!


  1. I actually understood that, lol.
    It is way too hot, but I did make up some pieces that I can work on this weekend.
    Most of the things I need to finish are large and even with the air on, too hot.



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