Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have A Happy And Creepy Halloween

I hope you have a very Happy Halloween, 
and get lots of candy and goodies, 
and hopefully no tricks arrive at your doorstep!

My daughter likes creepy, too...this skull is her decoration.

Awwww, Rats...

...this is the last day for the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop!
A Monkey Boy put this rat by his front door...I used PicMonkey to dress it up just a little.
I love the heart shaped eye! (I know, I know...the blood and webs are creepy!)

Friday, October 31


  1. Happy Halloween, and anniversary. Hope there are only sweet treats for you today.

  2. creepy and scary is good today!!!

  3. Yikes! Your love of creepy seems to run in the family. ;o)

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Hi!!!! Fun!!!! Fun!!!! Happy Halloween!!! I am sure you and your family are having some fun!!!!!

  5. Haha!! Hope you had a fabulous Halloween :)


  6. I bet your Monkey Boys think your the coolest Grandma ever !


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