Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creepy Is My Kind Of Thing

That Other Lady knows I lean towards the creepy side of things,
so when this mug arrived I was in Halloween bliss with all its creepiness.
Did any of you hear me howl with joy! I did!

The Purple Creepy Spider might just find it's place next to Creepy Bunny...he'd love it!

The mug is sitting on my Black Cat Crossing project that I'm hand quilting.
I'm still working feverishly to get it done in time for the hop!
(That's Black Cat Crossing fabric from Maywood Studio peeking through.)

I've taken a little time away from hand quilting to sew pillowcases...I love making them!
As old as I am, how did I never make even one.

I think the Monkey Boys will love them!

Riley Blake Designs is still showing off their fabulous flannel 
and you can check out what everyone is making with it here:

 9/23 Sassy Quilter
 9/30 Fabric Mutt
 10/3 Just Let Me Quilt (me)
 10/10 Rose and Odin
 10/14 Sew We Quilt
 10/28 Flannel Queen
10/31 Lucy Blaire

I made a soft and cuddly nightgown and robe using it...I love that flannel!
(No creepiness went into the making of the nightgown or robe.)


  1. Love those pillowcases and the dress and robe is very pretty!

  2. Fun mug!! Love it! As well as those cool pillowcases you made.

  3. forget those monkey boys...I want them
    no really ,the first is my fav, the second my next....
    yep creepy mug...I could never ever have something like that...thank goodness you have flowers in it to make it a bit bearable...

  4. I am so into creepy too and I LOVE that mug. Your pillowcases are wonderful.

  5. Love those pillowcases! And such a cute nightie and robe!

  6. Luv your creepy bouquet! But your the pillowcases are so cute. What a great idea especially when you have a whole passel of kiddos.

  7. I love your new header. Those pillowcases are fantastic. Lucky boys!

  8. The pillow cases are super creeptastic. Love them all!

  9. My kiddies would LOVE this cup, yeah, what a great colour combination as well! We are more the "reptile"type kind of family, although I really admire these tarantulas, these spiders are captivating. Have you ever seen their their skinning? Fa-bu-lous!
    And of course, your pillow cases are great, my kiddies are now old enough to sew them themselves, that was our programm last easter and now they have 2 per person :-)

  10. Love your Banner Carol, your so talented! Love the Pillowcases too, cute as can be! Now that mug, don't think I could do it. I would be too afraid of something jumping out of it and onto me!! Yikes!! I'll take a pretty feminine mug anyday of the week~
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Your monkeyboys will love the pillowcases, I sure do! Spiders are not everybody's cup of tea, but I LOVE them!! *wink*


  12. That's a cute mug....not creepy at all to me. Gotta love a good spider. Cute pillowcases. My first sewing project at age 4 was a pillowcase, then I didn't make another for decades. I think they are just great gifts.... quick, personable, and easy.

  13. Your little mug is so much fun! Love those spider legs!
    Those pillowcases are perfect for the season, too!

  14. The purple cup is so awesome! I love the pillowcases...! Halloween is right around the corner....YAY!!

  15. What a perfect mug for Creepy (incredibly sweet) Carol ! I'm betting your Monkey Boys think your a pretty awesome Grandma !

  16. Can't wait to see the full quilt!

    Your pillowcases are wonderful!

  17. A bit late commenting but I have been busy...check out my blog( pillowcases!Great minds, etc. I love yours. Creepy or not, they are awesome!

    Love the nightgown and robe. You are so talented!!!

  18. Flannel pillowcases will be wonderful to lay a sleepy head upon. I love flannel for night-wear. Yours are lovely. Creative Flannel Bliss...


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