Friday, September 19, 2014

A Little Doctor Who Paper Piecing

My daughter loves Doctor Who, but until about a month ago I had no idea who this "Who" was.
Then along came Kris from Kris Loves Fabric and her Doctor Who blocks.
Thanks to Kris and Netflix, I'm now a fan of the strange Doctor Who...he's kind of grown on me.

This is the Tardis, a traveling machine for The Doctor. 
I enlarged the pattern so it is 24" x 24"...the rest of the blocks (should I accept the assignment
 to sew more) will not be this big. Kris made them all. Such a show off! 

This what it says on the door to the Tardis

I love paper piecing...USUALLY.
My seam ripper was used more on this paper pieced block than I've used it all year.
It went this way when it should have gone that, rip, rip.
Whoops, wrong fabric in the wrong, rip, rip.
Crooked pieces...whatever! 
I'd love to change a few things, but that's not going to happen.

You can see all the blocks Kris made HERE (I really like HER Tardis) and she'll be doing 
the Around the World Blog Hop on Monday. She's worth checking out!

If you're brave enough to do some Doctor Who paper piecing you can find the patterns here:

Only a few more days until...
I'm totally loving the Rush Hour fabrics by Studio E!

These bloggers are busy getting ready for their big day!
I wonder what That Other Lady is creating with her Rush Hour fabric???
 I'm sure it is spectacular!

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  1. I LOVE this! Makes me smile knowing you are watching Doctor Who.

  2. congratulations on joining Whomdom! Tardis, btw, means Time and Relative Dimension in Space! Your daughter is very lucky that you not only made her a Tardis block, but you watched the show!

  3. ROFL and now that you have started to Watch the Dr? I actually found some of the Original Dr. Who from 1964 and they are a hoot. Pam at Mamma Sparks World has a Dr. Who quilt and she found Tardis fabric somewhere!

  4. This looks soo great Carol!!! I will not be showing my son or he will expect special printed fabric on his! Glad you are enjoying the Doctor :) I finally saw Doctor 12 the other day...still trying to decide if I like him...

  5. Very cool Tardis! I made the "Tardis in flight" block from that set and put it one of my quilts. I love it! Can't wait to make more. I am a fairly new Whovian myself. Just barely on my third doctor. :)

  6. Momma said there would be days like this with the seam ripper. She just didn't say how many! lol. Nice block! And I'm so anxious for Rush Hour. I can't wait to reveal my project.


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