Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Me Here, Monkeys There

I had no idea these scary looking clouds would stop me from seeing my sweet Monkey Boys, 
but they did! 
They poured down some torrential rain which then caused major flash flooding in two states.
Add a washed-out freeway that is the main road connecting one state to another and what do you get?
An almost impossible journey from where I am to where the Monkey Boys live.
- Insert my very sad face here! -

The sky on Monday...beautiful, but not very nice!

The road that takes me to the Monkey Boys...gone!

They're estimating it will be several days before the road is open again with just one lane each way.
There's an alternate route, but it adds a considerable amount of time and slow traffic to the trip.
There were also many homes washed out in this area causing horrible damage.
No Monkeys for me, but I'm lucky I still have a home.

What's with this crazy weather!

In the midst of yucky, we still have a blog hop going on with so much inspiration and tons of reasons
to smile and find a little happiness. WAIT...does that sound too much like Pollyanna talking? Sorry!
I'm DEFINITELY NOT a Pollyanna, but here's some places to visit and just have a happy moment.

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Thursday, September 4

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Friday, September 5

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Monday, September 8

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Tuesday, September 9

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Wednesday, September 10

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Thursday, September 11

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Friday, September 12

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Monday, September 15

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Tuesday, September 16

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  1. Saw all the mess the flooding made and so glad you are safe.

  2. So very happy you're safe but at the same time, don't mess with me seeing my grands. I'd take the long way around!

  3. Certainly glad you weren't on that section of freeway when it disappeared!! When it rains like that in that part of the world, look out!!! Stay safe!!!!

  4. Hopefully you can schedule another trip soon. Glad you are safe at home Carol!


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