Monday, December 29, 2014

BB In A Boxcar Or What

Now that Christmas is over I feel like two BB's in a boxcar. I'm all over the place!
There's way too many sewing ideas bouncing around in my head.

Which reminds me about a book I read as a child, The Boxcar Children.
I loved this book! I remember checking it out over and over from the library.

As for my sewing...

I feel like a bouncing ball that can't seem to land anywhere in particular and keeps hitting walls.

Kind of like Mitch Miller's bouncing ball...the one he had you follow along to sing.
I loved watching his show and had fun singing along as the ball bounced over the words.

Uh, back to my confused state of sewing decisions...
it appears that I have the attention span of a two year old Monkey Boy!

Oh look! He's playing Heads Up with the phone. If you've played the game with your family,
you know he has the phone backwards making it impossible to play the game.
Yes, that's chocolate on his face. I wonder if I have some chocolate leftover from Christmas?

Uh, where was I?
Oh, that's right. What to sew, what to sew, what to sew.

There's this cross stitching thing I'm working on for the next blog hop, Tammy 4 All Seasons.
It's far from perfect, but I've learned what not to do when cross stitching.

There's the We Support You blog hop that I just started working on.
Surprise, surprise...I keep changing my mind what to make.

I started this quilt a month or so ago for the second oldest Monkey Boy.
I put borders on it yesterday.

The label he drew needs to be embroidered before I can make the back of the quilt.
It's close to being done...well, sort of close.

Last night I started this other piece for Tammy 4 All Seasons.

I have no idea why I started it when the other one isn't done, yet.

Like I said...BB in a boxcar, bouncing ball, blah, blah, blah!

Maybe there's a little procrastination going on because I'm sitting here blogging instead of sewing.
Or, I may be sitting here because my head hurts from bouncing all over the place!

Maybe I should go take down the Christmas stuff and put it away.
Maybe not.

I hope you're all having a fun (and focused) day of sewing!


  1. I hear ya! I'm doing the same thing and accomplishing nothing. I think it's because I had to be focused to get the Christmas things organized... finished.... mailed, etc..... and now I'm in a bit of a limbo. Oh well.... I'll get back on track soon and you will too. As your blog hop deadlines approach, you'll focus and amaze us with your finished goodies!

  2. Me three..I am spinning round and round. Trying to get my Tammy Bag finished and then onto the We Support You project. After work I cross stitch as fast as I can ha ha. I had to finish 3 quilts for Christmas before I could start cross stitching. 28 counts was too small for this newbie so I had to start over with 14 whaaa.

  3. Oh Carol, the memories you brought back when you mentioned Mitch Miller. "Oh yes we have no bananas .... we have no bananas today!" LOL As a kid I loved that show and we even had some of his albums that had the song sheets included, so we used to sing along with him all the time.

  4. Sewing is not even on the horizon right now. Glad you are at least stitching & starting new projects. :) My Christmas is all put away! Hurray. I do so love it out, but once the holiday is over, I'm so done.

  5. I loved to read the Boxcar Children series! Gertrude Chandler Warner is an amazing author for children!
    (You can totally tell my inner librarian is coming out with this comment..haha) ;)

  6. Hehehe. Hopefully the bouncing will stop for you soon and you can focus on finishing one of those.

  7. I'm bouncing along with you! Got the had-to-be-done-before-Christmas projects done (ours & my customers). Since I quilt for our shop, there's more to be done but I'm getting a *few* things done. I've even got some new Unseen Hands projects by Erica Plank to do. Let's get busy!

  8. Right there with you. I printed out the pattern for the We support you blog, and made a mirror image and it ended up bigger. I decided to take a small break this morning, and watch a DVD, and then an episode of the DR while I finished up a tea towel, and did some binding.

  9. I loved the box car children series.. It was my all time favorite as a child. And I used to read it to my children when the y were little as well.

  10. Carol, I always get a kick out of seeing how you will adorn your caricature for each season.
    Well, that is a relief that I am not the only one skittering around like a BB. Whew!
    Gosh how my kids loved those Boxcar Children books. When she was seven, my middle daughter even ran away with her best friend so they could go live in a boxcar. Right after we made them a wonderful waffle breakfast. LOL - ALWAYS suspect a child carrying a suitcase cram packed with Barbies.
    Just love how you're using your grandson's drawing for an embroidered quilt label!

  11. I don't know if I read that book as a kid. If I did I don't remember but I do know what you mean by feeling like a bouncing ball. That's a everyday feeling for me, lol...Your cross stitch looks wonderful, I wouldn't worry about it being perfect. No piece is ever perfectly done. You just get good at hiding the imperfections. :-)

  12. I hope that you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be wonderful too! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx

  13. It must be contagious Carol. :) Yesterday I stopped all my hand stitching and went to the sewing room where I made a stack of all the little things that needed finishing. Just the little things. Oh. My. Goodness. I promise to get through that stack before I start finishing the big things. I might never get to start anything new! blessings, marlene

  14. I'm rested, but like you, no focus. I have all those projects you show, minus the quilt, in the works just as you. Maybe not as far along as you are, so feel good about your progress. You have me beat. Happy New Year, my friend. See you on the flip side....

  15. Think many of us are in the same boat Carol…just can't seem to concentrate on one thing at a time…so nothing gets done ;)
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy, and Healthy, New Year!!! ~Terry~

  16. Aw yes...but you have good intentions ! I think all of us quilters have ADD....That's where we get overly excited about our new fabric and add another new project to the pile ! It's Okay Carol, your not in this boat by yourself !


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