Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zombies Or The Need To Sew

My goofy family long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away

My family can be pretty funny sometimes. We're all fans of the TV series The Walking Dead (zombies are included in the story line) and have some interesting conversations about what we'd do if zombies tried to take over or a disaster of epic proportions occurred. Just to make it clear, we DON'T really believe in zombies, but we love the what-if conversations and the laughs we have while discussing them.

That being said, this is the text message I received from daughter #2 today that totally made me smile and maybe even a little bit LAUGH OUT LOUD:

What does a dream mean when you dream of sewing massive amounts of quilts with your Mom?
A.  I need to sew
B. I need to prepare for an upcoming zombie apocalypse or other future disaster
C. I just dream crazy
D. I miss my Mom and love her

I told her "all of the above." I just love that girl!

FYI--If you get creeped out by scary stuff, don't look at the following photo she created of herself as a zombie (she's much prettier, but should zombies attack, she will fit right in looking like this):

On a lighter and less weird note, we have a frilly blog hop coming up that has me thinking

I definitely have the need to sew and have been busy making girly kind of things that involve lots of


  1. Wonderfully sweet picture of your family, Carol, but an even sweeter message from your daughter!! Thank you so much for sharing ... Wicked Wishes to you, Wendy

  2. What a beautiful zombie she is. Sounds like a great family time you all have when you get together. I'm seeing a ruffled covered zombie in your future.

  3. Oh funny and cute post Carol. I am getting ready for the ruffles too.

  4. Hi!!!! Ha!!!! Your daughter is very sweet and very funny!!!! Just saw the post about the ruffle covered Zombie!!!! Well some of them might get dressed up!!!! Keep on having fun!!!!

  5. ahhh your daughter is just too sweet…maybe not that gorgeous today, lol
    oh my she kind of scared me….but I love her dream lol missing you xx

  6. Wonderful family pic and a beautiful zombie!

  7. What a sweet note to get from a daughter! She sounds just as creative as you are!!!


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