Thursday, June 20, 2024

For The Birds Blog Hop - My Day

 Joan at Moosestash Quilting is hosting this month's blog hop...she thinks of such fun challenges!
I don't know what I'd do without Joan pushing and shoving me when I'm not feeling the sewing bug.
(Don't tell her, but sometimes I'm grateful that she is a little wicked and bossy.)

"For the Birds" challenge was:

Angry birds, crazy birds, whimsical birds, or flying geese. 
If it's a bird, this is their time to show their colors.

I had a hard time wrapping my head around what to make. 
I dug through fabric in my stash looking for bird fabric. Surprise!
I found a who-knows-when-I-bought-it laser cut applique kit 
from a quilt store in Utah, Quilted Works.

I met the challenge!

It's not hard to find bird projects online, but I was just not getting any "bird vibes"
and my knee was not cooperating. My doctor said it is being an "Angry Knee." LOL
Thank goodness for that cute pillow kit. It's not in me to fail a challenge!

With a couple days left until my day, I limped into my sewing room to finish another bird project 
I had started. I usually design my own applique, but RazBeca had some really cute bird patterns 
that I loved. Of course, mine has a wicked little Halloween theme with J. Wecker Frisch fabrics.

With the 4th of July coming soon, here's a free pattern for a mini quilt I made years ago:

Look at all these birdies who've been sewing their wings off to be here this week:

June 17

June 18
June 19
June 20

I'm hosting the next blog hop, "Something Smells Fishy."

Fish or creatures from the ocean in fabrics, appliques, quilts, stuffies, or bags.
If it looks fishy, it meets the challenge.
It must be something new you've sewn for this hop.

Email me if you want to play along with your blog, Facebook, or Instagram page.
I need the URL to add you to the blog list.


  1. Thanks for the freebee. I love your Halloween designs. The dog is too cute!

  2. Love all your projects, Carol! The beak on that bird pillow just cracks me up! So stinking cute! Hope you knee gets better. Did you do something to hurt your knee or is it that dang age issue? Either way, rest it so it doesn't get worse.

  3. They are all such adorable projects!

  4. Sorry about your knee issues, I can relate. Your projects are all adorable!

  5. All really cute projects. That last one, Freedom Flight, thank you for the free pattern. Hoping your knee is all well very soon.

  6. Oh my goodness, for someone who's knee is killing them you sure managed to put together a couple of absolutely adorable projects. I love the Halloween theme one. The little singing birdie pillow is so sweet. Love all the details in the applique! I think the Sew Yeah boys just bought that shop in Utah, didn't they?

  7. I'm sorry to read about your knee, hope it improves! Your bird pillow is so cute, love the black/white border, really sets it off. Your Halloween design is adorable!

  8. Love them all, but the first bird is adorable.

  9. Adorable projects, all of them. Thanks so much for the last one!

  10. Oh my - every one of your bird projects is cute as can be! Can't wait to see what you do with the Fishy theme.

  11. Love it! Your birds make my heart sing, slightly off-key as always. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Well, if it weren't for your angry knee, we might not have such adorable bird projects! I do hope your angry knee turns its frown upside down into a smile very soon! Birds of every kind always make me smile, especially when they are singing beautiful songs or wearing funky boots. Another challenge well done, Carol!

  13. Britt-Inger JönssonJune 21, 2024 at 1:24 AM

    I love your birds. You are always making so fun things.

  14. These projects are just adorable! Love the kit you found and the happy Halloween blocks too! I hope your knee is better soon. Both of mine stay angry! UGH! Thanks for sharing the freebie too! Have a great weekend.

  15. I'm so glad your knee allowed you to complete these projects - the applique on both of them is gorgeous!

  16. I am glad your knee cooperated somewhat! The bird quilts are all fabulous! I do love the first one the most, but the halloween ones are so much fun, too.

  17. These are all adorable. I’m so glad the knee cooperated enough to create such fun eye candy. The Halloween additions are so cute.

  18. A lovely collection of tweeties. I'm really fond of the Black Birds. Thanks for the Freedom Flight Pattern. My brain is already running amuck trying to figure out what to do with it. Hope the knee is doing better. You have my sympathy, I've had 1 knee and 2 hips replaced. Take care.

  19. the previous post is from me using my code name "anonymous"

  20. Thanks for sharing all your birds. My favourite is the pillow!


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