Sunday, March 17, 2024

Give It A Whirl Blog Hop Starts Today

It is time to whirl, twirl, and spin with the "Give It A Whirl" blog hop!

What was the challenge?

Somewhere in or on your project you must include a "whirl".
This can be a pinwheel, Dresden, or anything that looks like it's spinning.
Maybe a merry-go-round or Ferris wheel in the fabric?

I've always wanted to make a 3D pinwheel quilt, so this was finally the chance to do that.
Geta's Quilting Studio has a great tutorial. Geta is an amazing quilter so
check out some of her other designs and patterns.

You can find her how-to make a 3D pinwheel HERE.

The fabric is "Xanadu" by Ann Lauer for Benartex that I bought not too long ago.
I love the colors and movement in this fabric!

The centers of pinwheels can be pretty thick, but 3D ones are even more so.
I brought out my hammer, but not just any hammer. It is called "The Wacker."
It's made specifically to smash those big lumps a little flatter without damaging the fabric.
It really works!
(Yes, I know there is a snip, clip, and make them flatter version, but I can't ever figure it out.)

"The Wacker" says to steam the seam before wacking, but wouldn't you know my iron
wouldn't steam without yucky brown stuff coming out. This wasn't a manufacturer issue.
It was a "uh-oh" moment when I accidently grabbed the Best Press instead of water
to fill the iron reservoir. Don't ever do that! It's not pretty what it does to the iron.

My new Oliso iron arrived quickly, thank goodness. So pretty!
No, I did not purposely buy that color to match the fabric, but it does, doesn't it.

My old workhorse Nolting does the job for quilting my projects.
Nothing fancy with my stitching, but I love the money I've saved doing it myself.

Simple scribbles around the pinwheels worked just fine for me and kept the
pinwheels dimensional. I love how they look!

I flew to Ohio to spend time with grandkids in February.
Monkey Girl turned two while I was there...where does the time go!

She is officially one of the "Monkeys" because there is nothing she won't climb on.
Busy, busy, busy, and happy totally describes her. The Monkey Boys totally love that girl!

Check out more whirling and twirling projects!


Check out the "Give It A Whirl" Pinterest page HERE!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oooh snap!!! Love your 3D pinwheel quilt, they are so fun to make aren't they?! Thanks for hosting! xx

  2. Pinwheels and spring fit together like daisies and sunshine. Great quilt Carol.

  3. Ohhhh....all that movement is awesome. Great fabrics to use on your pinwheels. For some reason, I can just picture you with your wacker, beating your pinwheels into submission! LOL!! Little Dotty is sure a cutie. No wonder her brothers can't get enough of her.

    1. Apparently, I am going incognito today! EYE ROLL...

  4. I love those "fat" pinwheels! Pretty quilt. Your Monkey Girl is adorable. Did you buy her that pretty dress? Glad you got to spend time with the Monkeys. I had to get a new Oliso, and that is the color I chose. I was sewing the other day and it finally dawned on me that my Janome is trimmed with teal/turquoise and looks great with the iron, so now I'm color coordinated! :)

  5. Love your quilt and those colors in the pinwheels! My pinwheels are made the same way, as you'll see tomorrow. :) So thick--I just quilted around them--but I didn't think of hammering them... LOL.

  6. Gorgeous use of those prints! OHmyGoodness. I used a rotary cutter over my iron cord. So, I'm in need of another Oliso.. Great color!!!

  7. I love 3D pinwheels. I've used them several times. Baby quilts are darling with them added.

  8. Adorable quilt, as is your granddaughter! Love your new iron, in just my color!

  9. She is beautiful! I love 3d pinwheel, always fun to make. Love your little corner patches and the fabric. Thank you so much for hosting another fun hop!

  10. Your 3D pinwheels are great!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  11. Your quilt is beautiful. I love those 3D pinwheels and I most definitely need to get a wacker. Thanks for linking that tutorial. Monkey girl is so precious.

  12. I love the 3D pinwheels. I certainly be checking out how to make them and a wacker would be helpful at times. Monkey girl is very cute.

  13. Love the pinwheels, Carol. Hard to believe your little monkey girl is two. They grow too quickly.

  14. Beautiful and that Monkey Girl is adorable!

  15. Happy belated birthday wishes to your granddaughter. Your pinwheels quilt is really pretty. I love those fabrics too.

  16. I love your choice in an idea for this hop especially since I had the same one. Sorry I didn't know about the tutorial you noted last month. I can't believe how big Monkey Girl has gotten or how old she is. However, I can believe how beautiful she is.

  17. Wow! This is gorgeous and the 3D effect is just stunning. I can imagine how thick some seams would be. You managed to create another beauty.

  18. Beautiful quilt. I love the 3D pinwheels

  19. The 3D pinwheel quilt is lovely. I can see how that whacker could be useful, for more than just quilting. Monkey Girl is growing up too fast!

  20. Such a fun quilt! I love the color and black and white prints mixed together!

  21. That's so beautiful! Love the colors and the dimension! And you got a chance to give it a nice glamor shot too! Happy birthday to your granddaughter!

  22. These are fun dimensional quilts. I don't like to break the seam to swirl that center seam - I pound as well and heavy steam on my wool matt.

  23. Awesome quilt! 3D pinwheels seem to be quite popular! LOL And, I love that Xanadu print. It is so bright and cheerful and makes me happy! My oh my, I can't believe Monkey Girl is 2! She is such a cutie pie! Happy birthday to her!


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