Sunday, May 14, 2023

Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

It's my day, along with other fabulous and creative people, to share our 
Sew It - Show It Challenge project for the "Rose Colored Glasses" blog hop. 

What was the challenge?
Your sewn project must have one or more of the following:

Rose/pink fabric
Positive Words

My steampunk owl sees everything positive and beautiful through his rose colored glasses. He's very much into quilting, which is why he's surrounded himself with a few perfect tools for a sewing room.

My "Rose Colored Glasses" tote bag.

It measures about 18" x 22"...nice size for carrying my projects to sew with friends.

The fabrics are Benartex's Whisper Weave by Nancy Halvorsen. My friends and I found the fabric on sale during a big event at Sew Yeah Quilting. It was such a fun and costly visit for us!

My project was a slight change-up from a bag I made for a Benartex ambassador challenge 
using their logo. He does have a rose colored hat and wings!

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You can see all the Rose Colored Glasses projects on my Pinterest page HERE.

Check out what's coming next!

The June blog hop is hosted by Joan at Moosestash Quilting.
Let her know if you want to play along.

I'm hosting the July blog hop, Picnic Party.

The challenge is to make:
Something to use for a picnic (example - basket, tote, etc.) and/or
A square quilt (example - 50" x 50" or any square measurement)

Let me know if you want to play along.


  1. What a roomy and pretty bag- 'love it! The steampunk owl is adorable.

  2. I love your stylish steampunk owl! And the tote is really nice and shows him off well.

  3. Your "steam punk" owl is adorable! Love his glasses. That is a nice roomy tote and so well made!! Looks like your "costly" fabric trip was well worth it.

  4. What a cool pink bag and the rose-colored glasses on the steam punk owl! Both bags are really cute!

  5. These guys look like great additions to your family. Do they have names? They are so cool they should really have names. Changing out the glasses was a terrific idea.

  6. Oh my gosh, that owl is awesome!

  7. That little steampunk guy is just getting cuter and cuter. I love how he sees the world through Rose Colored Glasses, too.

  8. I happen to love both of your owl bags! Absolutely adorable!

  9. Your steampunk owl is just fantastic! He looks quite dapper in those glasses and top hat, and is the perfect embellishment for your bag. I love that you made the bag nice and roomy. Great tote for those fabric shop trips!

  10. What a fun steampunk owl with wonderful glasses and a bright pink background to make it stand it out. It is absolutely perfect for your fabric trips and would be so much fun to see out and about!

  11. That's about the cutest bag I've ever seen. Great job!!

  12. Your tote bag is so very very cute!!! Perfect for the blog hop!

  13. Adorable bag, love the owl, and my daughter would too!

  14. very cool (groovy? that's not the right word, funky??) bag!!

  15. What a cute bag and the owl was adorable! Perfect for the blog hop

  16. Your bag put a smile on my face, too cute!

  17. Love the Owl, what a cute bag.

  18. Your steampunk owl is marvelous! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love the bag! Thanks for sharing!

  20. What a cute change up to your Owl bag

  21. I love all your applique. Both bags are amazing and adorable! Thanks for hosting this fun hop!

  22. Your owl bag is super fun! Love his glasses and all his accessories.


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