Saturday, October 3, 2020

Other Things Besides Sewing And Quilting

Sometimes I do other things besides sewing and remodeling and unpacking. Not so fun! With two full moves and one move to put in flooring since March, I'm pretty much over all of it. We went on a photo shooting adventure a couple days ago that was just what I needed.

Lake Mead with "Fishy Fishy" baby quilt

You can see the major drop in water levels just looking at this photo. 

No sandy beaches here! As a kid I can remember saying, "ouch, ouch, ouch" as we walked to the water. 

Yes, Lake Mead has seagulls. Not the most beautiful birds, but still entertaining to watch.

The rocky shore doesn't seem to bother this guy.

We headed out to see the dam but it was closed due to Covid. At least there was a lookout point to see Lake Mead. You can see how far the water has receded, which requires the moving of the marina. It's quite scary to see such low levels of water!

Little islands have been showing up with low water levels. Pretty dangerous for boaters!

This is an old railroad tunnel. It was used to get equipment from Boulder City to the dam during construction.

On the drive home through Boulder City, my hubby spotted the Big Horn Sheep in a park. It's not an unusual to see them, but it had been a long time since I had seen them. I was so excited! That's me bravely taking pictures. My hubby told me to sit down and see if they got closer. No way! They have big horns!

Seeing the big guy walking over to the younger sheep, I took this picture. Ummmm, sorry for invading his privacy while he was doing his "business." LOL I didn't realize that was what was happening until after I took the picture.

Such an incredible horn display...I was so impressed and loved it!

As we were leaving the park, this one came down the hill from the neighborhood. Friends who live in that area say they see them in their yards. Mountain lions and bobcats pop in once in a while, too.

I squeezed in a quilt retreat with friends last weekend. I had my own bedroom with a bathroom, a view of the city, and the best ladies ever to hang out with. It was three days of bliss! The smoke from California fires has created quite a hazy look to the Las Vegas views.

I hope you're staying well and safe during these crazy times! Thanks for stopping by!

It's Halloween month so here's my special sign off...


  1. OMG how lucky you are to see those sheep up so close! I even get thrilled seeing them at a distance through binoculars! It's a treat as we don't have them in MN!

  2. Amazing pictures. It looks so SO dry out there. Bone dry.
    Is this just drought related or global warming? I thought "the seas were gonna rise"? Anyway, absolutely stunning pictures, Carol. Here in Northern Virginia, it is still green and damp. The leaves are dropping and whaadda mess. I am picking up Sarah tomorrow and gonna make her rake. She is only 5 but she can do it. haha
    I love this fishy quilt so much.
    I would love that retreat scene as my back yard...
    Animals are so amazing. Those horns are magnificent!!

  3. That's a really cute fishy quilt, Carol!! I love seeing all the pictures of the lake and the big horn sheep. We have a lot of deer and occasionally a fox family in our yard. The fox like to play with Chloe...from a distance! LOL We live on a 3.5 acre lot and about 2/3 of it is woods, where the critters live! I wish we could send you some rain. We've gotten quite a bit this year with the hurricanes that have come through. Our leaves are falling and turning colors. Can't wait to see them in full glorious color! We will have to make a trip to the Smokies soon! We usually go in November around our anniversary. Hopefully we can make it this year!

  4. I hear you about the dryness. Here in Carson City our rainfall for the year is just barely 3" (that's since January!!) Loved your photos and the big horn sheep are just awesome. Sometimes we get a white tail deer walking through our neighborhood....oh, and one year a herd of wild horses.

  5. Wow, that's REALLY Low! I remember the year there was so much water, for the first time ever, they had to release water and it splashed up over the dam onto our car in the parking lot. They could use that water now!

  6. I am totally shocked at Lake Mead. That is really scary. The quilt retreat location looks awesome - I am ready for a small one with a few good friends.

  7. It looks like a beautiful day for picture taking, and a drive.

  8. What a lovely update. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed your running commentary. Cute Halloween sign off.


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