Monday, May 11, 2020

The Race Is On With Riley Blake Designs Hot Wheels Fabric

One of the newest fabric releases by Riley Blake Designs is "Hot Wheels" and it is so incredibly 
colorful and amazing! This print features classic Hot Wheels tracks logos, icons, and phrases. 
I loved designing this quilt, "The Race Is On", using the "Hot Wheels" fabrics.

"The Race Is On"
50" x 60"

The panel in the "Hot Wheels" line makes a great racetrack on the back of the quilt.

Quilting was by Ginger Turner of Sew Sassy Longarm. As usual, her work was amazing!

I loved what she did around the race car and the fiery swirls are perfect!

RBD "Hot Wheels" is 100 per cent cotton that can be used in a variety of sewing projects.
I love the bright oranges in it!

Such cute designs in that panel.

After Ginger quilted "The Race Is On" she let me take photos at her beautiful house.

You can find the pattern for "The Race Is On" in my Etsy store HERE.

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I love using EZ Print Lite Sheets by tracing!
Just print in your inkjet printer and your designs are ready.

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  1. Good morning, Carol! Okay, now this is definitely an inspiration piece for me. After making the horse and carriage quilt for my little great-niece, I need something for her brother. I have been patiently waiting for him to get old enough for Hot Wheels. On the down-low, I've started his collection of cars with the Bat Mobile! I just adore this quilt and this fabric. Holy moly - I need to see if I can pick this up right away. He has a two-month-old cousin who may need one as well. Thanks for sharing today! I'm off to shop. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Oh my gosh, the back is just as cute are the front. What a great quilt for a little one.

  3. Great quilt. The back, um there are some parts for a hot wheel track that I had as a kid, a long time ago! Oh my!

  4. What a wonderful quilt for any child, but especially for a Hot Wheels lover. I'm thinking about ways to make it bigger, because I have a 40+ son who is still collecting Hot Wheels! LOL The back does make a perfect place for a young child to play with their cars.

  5. Sooo is there a pattern or am I going to have to make myself get out my art material


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