Saturday, May 23, 2020

Crafter's Edge Mask With A Pocket For Filter

With the Crafter's Edge Crossover II and Crafter's Edge Mask Die, making face masks are so easy.
You can also add a pocket to the back of the mask for a filter, too. I'll show you how!

I love using HeatnBond Sew-In interfacing as a filter, but there are lots of other choices.
Pick the filter that makes you feel the most comfortable and meets your standards of safety.

Directions come with the Face Mask Die and they are really easy to follow.
Run your fabrics/interfacing through the Crossover II Edge using the mask die.

I used three different fabrics for the mask to show the different layers.
You can use the same fabrics if you want to.

Sew the rounded edge of fabric mask pieces together following the directions.
Clip or use pink shears on curved edge. Press seams flat. 

Fold over 1/4" twice on short end of pocket edges. Press. Top stitch close to edge.

Pin elastic to right side of mask lining, a quarter inch from edges.

Stitch a couple times over the elastic to secure them a little better.

Layer mask front, pocket, and lining as shown below.

Pin layers together making sure to catch all layers of fabric.
The pocket will be about a half inch from the shorter edges of mask.

Stitch around all edges with 1/4" seam making sure to catch all layers of fabric;
leave 1 1/2" to 2" opening for turning inside out.

Turn inside out, having pocket at the back and lining in the middle.
Fold edges of opening inside the mask. Press.

Top stitch close to edge around entire mask. Be sure to catch opening in stitches. If adding a
wire, tuck it up in top of mask now. Stitch 1/4" from top stitching to hold wire in place.

I used the second from the smallest mask die to create a filter from
HeatnBond Sew-In interfacing. Filters can be cut in other shapes if desired.

Tuck the filter between the pocket and lining. It can be removed and replaced as needed.

Having to wear a mask may not be fun, but wearing a mask made with Riley Blake Designs
"Tranquility" by Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs can be a pleasure!

I think you'll love the Crafter's Edge mask die as much as I do!

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  1. Just wondering if there is a pattern for the mask, I do not have a fabric cutter, but like this one.

  2. Great tutorial, Carol. I think masks may be our new norm for a while. Thanks for sharing. I've been looking at the HeatnBond interfacing, but also learned of Filti. Trying to decide which would be better!


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