Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Super Dooper Boo Crew Quilt

I was so lucky to sew the Super Dooper Boo Crew quilt out of Blend’s Boo Crew fabrics.
It's even luckier that I get to post about it over on the Therm O Web blog!

Super Dooper Boo Crew

All the designs are so, so cute! I used the dog fabrics, but the cat designs are adorable, too.

I love these Heat n Bond EZ Print Lite sheets! 
I know, I've said it a million times, but seriously, there's no tracing.
Just run the design through your inkjet printer...tada!

Trying to take photos of the quilt was interesting. The two year old was staying with
us for a few days and I guess he felt those bony dogs needed the ball.
He kept putting it back every time I moved. it. I love this Monkey Boy!

Bruster "Boo" isn't sure about these bony dogs hanging around his back yard.

You can find the pattern for Super Dooper Boo Crew at my Craftsy shop HERE.


  1. Another wonderful piece. Your creativeness never ceases to amaze.

  2. Very cute. Love your bony dogs, but the little monkey boy trying to get them to play.....

  3. Fun quilt! And it looks like all the small mammals at your house got into the photo shoot spirit :)

  4. Aren't you happy it's October----quit possibly, (and I'm totally guessing LOL ) your favorite time of year to decorate ! The dog fabric is super cute but not as cute as that little boy, haha so funny he thought that bony dog wanted the ball !

  5. I forgot to say something about the quilt ! It's so cute and funny, like the skeletons are sitting in front of a picture of their former selves....when you visit Carol you never know what will happen to you.....spooky !

  6. Of course the dog needs a ball! It certainly doesn't need a bone! Very cute, Carol.

  7. This Boo quilt is very cute but I must say, Monkey Boy is even cuter giving the boney dogs a ball to play with. Halloween Hugs...xo


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