Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Let It Snow With Lots Of Love

The whole time I was sewing this quilt "Let It Snow" was singing through my head.
Thank goodness I love that song!

That sweet little bunny is trying so hard to get the snow lady's attention.
Hopefully she'll notice the sweet red heart he is holding up for her.

Using Therm O Web products to put it together made it easy!
Head over to the Therm O Web Blog today for info on this quilt.

You can find the pattern at Just Carol's Craftsy Store.


  1. ADORABLE! And a little humorous pictured with the desert backdrop!

  2. Your quilt and the picture made me smile. We are definitely having a snowy Christmas here in the midwest. Looks like you need to head for the mountains to get a snowy picture.

  3. An adorable quilt, Carol. Haha...in the desert is a nice warm way to enjoy snow!

  4. This is just "sew" darn cute. Thanks for the fun pattern. I know what I am doing after the holidays!

  5. that is real sweet. it would be perfecto for a winter baby.

  6. I love the color of the background next to your beautiful quilt. You are so talented with your quilt designs! Love this one! <3

  7. such a cute pattern,well done.

  8. Such a perfect quilt for the holidays. The bunny is so sweet.

  9. Espero que estés pasando unas felices fiestas llenas de amor y paz y que el próximo año nos sigas sorprendiendo con tus trabajos


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