Friday, April 22, 2016

It's A Birthday Pillow

It all started with me needing just one piece of fabric to finish something, but of course I saw
 something else at the quilt store. It called my name so how could I resist!
I blame Quilted Works for having another cute laser cut kit sitting there for me to see.

I bought the kit and made the pillow. 
It's not really my birthday, but I had to hang something on those cute clothespins.
I really need to make better letters, but I love the pillow!

Want to know the best part?

They gave me a kit to share with a friend, so next week during their birthday celebration 
I'll be having a giveaway of this pillow kit. Cool, isn't it! Check back on Monday to enter.
Thank you, Quilted Works for letting me help you celebrate your 13th birthday!


  1. That is just too cute. I need to make one for my sister. Her kids always put out a Birthday tablecloth to celebrate birthdays. They would love this.

  2. Isn't that a cute birthday pillow! When I saw the thumbnail, I wondered if it could be for me as my birthday is next week. LoL. That really is a cute idea for use for the whole family.

  3. What a sweet idea. With all of the birthdays around here, I would have to leave it out year round. lol

  4. That is a cute pillow and a nice idea for something different.


  5. Looks like a wonderful kit to create a fabulous Birthday Pillow. This would make a great Birhday gift that keeps on giving. Birthday Pillow Bliss Carol Dear...

  6. That is a cute pillow Carol. I really like it and the colors too. Plus how cute that you can add other names with the clothespins.

  7. Cute pillow, Carol! I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love that pillow as a birthday gift. :)Sweet that Quilted Works gave you another kit to make up!!

  8. So cute and already cut out, who could possibly resist this! You did such a lovely job, your quilting is wonderful.

  9. The pillow is wonderful but my question is...did you remember to get the piece of fabric you actually went in for?
    The pillow would make a terrific gift, or it could come out for the family member who is guest of honor from now on. Then you wouldn't actually have to part with it.

  10. Adorable pillow !!! What a perfect birthday gift to make :-D

  11. That pillow is adorable. I love laser cut kits you get to a completed project so fast.

  12. Love the pillow! Great gift idea!

  13. Love the pillow. Have seen some of their patterns and all are adorable. Looks like a lot of fun.

  14. What a pretty pillow and your letters look wonderful to me :)



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