Friday, September 4, 2015

Have A Heart Quilt All Done

My "Have A Heart Quilt" is all done being quilted and the binding is on.
I love the quilting on it...feathers and flowers!

I really enjoy making these heart quilts and have another one cut out and ready to sew.

The "Let Us Count The Ways We Love You" quilt is in the hands of my sweet family member.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those who have offered prayers and hugs...much appreciated!
He's still very, very sick, but hopefully things will turn around for him. During a treatment 
he sent me a text saying that he just wanted to go home to his quilt and some coffee. 
Such a sweet him bunches and bunches!

Have a safe and peaceful weekend!


  1. The quilt came out beautifully, love the colors and the quilting.
    Prayers that things will work out and God's healing powers will be with your family.


  2. Wonderful quilt that you have made. I hope that your family member soon will be healthy again.

  3. Love your heart quits! Especially love the border you put on this adds such a sweet touch to the quilt. Well done!

  4. Beautiful hearts! Prayers for your ailing family member. Hope he's on the mend very soon!

  5. Prayers of peace and healing for your family....God Bless you all!!

  6. The heart quilt turned out absolutely beautiful!! Sending prayers!

  7. Your quilt turned out gorgeous. Lots of hugs and prayers for you and your family member.

  8. That looks awesome. The colors are great.

  9. Carol,
    your "heartquilt" with all this lovley colours is gorgeous, I think.


  10. Hi sweet lady ! ALL of your quilts are awesome Carol. You probably love making these heart quilts so much because your such a loving person.

  11. All that love really shines from your quilts Carol! Love and prayers to you and your "family member" continue in this corner :)

  12. Beautiful Heart Quilt. Continued Prayers and Healing Energy Dear...

  13. Wow, absolutely beaituful.Love both!

  14. So, so, pretty! What a nice thing for him to say! Hope he begins to feel better soon!


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