Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just A Word Or Two For The Year, Maybe More

Every year since 2011 I have picked a Word of the Year

In 2011 I picked the word “Different.”
I failed on everything I said I wanted to do different. 
It all just stayed the same.

Another year I picked "Positive." That one didn't go so good, either.
I was actually more negative about that "positive" kind of thing.

This year I’m not picking a word. 
I’m picking several so that maybe, just maybe, I will get one right for a change.

Be brave when meeting new people.
Most of them don’t bite, but some look they are going to.

Think creatively with a brave mind.
Who cares if someone doesn’t like what I make! It’s my stuff!

Watch the time.
It’s going faster than it used to.

Watch for someone else’s talent.
They might be willing to teach me a thing or two.

Take a moment to look for peace.
It’s hard to find, but I'm hoping someone will show me where to look.

Make peace with myself.
I can’t change what was.

Search for value in others.
It will be difficult to see sometimes…I just have to look deeper!

Value my old and new friends.
I do, but I just need to value them even more and show that I value them!

Stand up for what I believe in.
I sit down on this one way too often.

Believe I can do better.
Of course I can!

Take time to believe in someone.
I hope that if I do, someone will take time to believe in me.

Believe that what I do really DOES matter!

That’s it.
Maybe one of these Word of the Year words will work for me this time.
I'm going to BELIEVE that it will.

Do you have a Word of the Year?


  1. I have more of a mantra: no zero days. Every day I strive to sew, scrapbook, paper craft and/or workout. Motivating myself for less screen time and more doing time. I scrapbook on an app, so no excuses for not using screen time to accomplish something every day. Hoping to form a good habit(s) and get stuff accomplished.

  2. I've been trying to find a word or idea...the only thing I can come up with, has already been overused, but it really does seem to fit..."Just Do It". You seen I tend to overthink ev...ry...thing! So, instead, I hope this year to....just do it already! lol Love the words you chose...I've been waiting for this post.

  3. Hola Carol, feliz año. yo quisiera comentarte que en realidad la palabra que eliges sin darte cuenta es "adelante"en todos tus pensamientos y acciones,luego salen como salen, pero has adelantado en esperiencia

  4. Well said Carol! I'm not choosing a word at all this year...I've decided on a no-pressure year. If I choose a word I have to try to live up to it. :) Although just saying it's a no-pressure year sort of means I've chosen a word doesn't LOL blessings, marlene

  5. Hi!!!! Sounds like winners to me!!!! I believe in you!!!! The years do seem as if they go by faster to me too!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. I think your words are really good. I couldn't decide on just one, so you have given me permission to use more. Thanks😀 your already all those good words..

  7. Your list of words is awesome. I too, find that the words I have chosen in past years have always fell flat because I did not try hard enough. I don't think I will choose a word this year.

  8. I like the idea of using multiple words. Great words to try to live by on a daily basis.


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