Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Have "Join" Written On My Forehead

With a deep need to get focused (or because I'm a little or a lot crazy), I signed on to this block-of-the-month at Craftsy.com. It was already in progress, but I'll catch-up......maybe. Amy Gibson makes it fun and easy, plus it's FREE and great for beginners (or people like me who need a little focus in their life or just want something else to add to their already busy sewing table.)

That makes three things I have agreed to take part in. Crazy! A year ago I was scared to death to sign-up for anything, but then I saw something that had to do with Ghastlies on Madame Samm's blog at Sewwequilt.com and I was hooked!

I'm so excited for this one over at janesfabrics.blogspot.com. My day is July 3rd.

This one will be fun, too, and starts with the cutting instructions tomorrow. You can find it over at mommybydaycrafterbynight.com.
I have plenty of fabric to join at least 50 blog hops/quilt alongs/or whatever, so I told myself "why not."
I'm sure there's a reason "why not", but too late---I'M IN!


  1. You post made me chuckle, I'm trying hard to resist signing up for anything else as I've taken on far too many quilting commitments as it is - but everything looks like so much fun and it's really difficult. I'm looking forward to hearing how you go on :)

  2. OMG how funny, you're a lot like me wanting to do it all!!! I have made 7.5 quilt tops in the last 6 weeks (4 in the last 3, two of them original designs) lately I have this driving urge to feed my sewing machine!!!! bring it on more more more more, already have enough pieces cut for at least 3 more tops, think I'll do them as leaders and enders while I try new patterns, LOL


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