Friday, June 22, 2012

Don't Want To, Can't Face It

I have to call "Uncle" as I just can't face machine quilting my Quilt Along zigzag quilt. I was feeling guilty because Ashley's instructions have been great, but this thing is bigger than I thought and I just don't want to do it. Failure? Nope! Just know my limits. I'm off to take it to my friend, Lynn, to do her magic. I feel better already.

So, so windy outside today, but I managed to
catch the quilt top on a not-flapping-away-moment
before I leave to take it to Lynn.


  1. Beautiful quilt top and I think it is great to sometimes say "Okay" this isn't what I want to to right now.

  2. I am loving how this turned out so far! You did a great job! No worries about not quilting it yourself! It's a huge task! Can't wait to see it finished! Be sure to link up to the link party when you are all done!
    xoxo, Ashley


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