Friday, April 24, 2020

Crafter's Edge Amazing Mask Fabric Die

I feel so lucky to get to play with Crafter's Edge fabric dies. The dies come in so many
great applique and sewing shapes like Dresdens, squares, and triangles. 

Now they've come up with something amazing...a mask fabric die! It can cut four different sizes
 and includes directions for the masks and an insert if you want to add one to the mask.
The instructions are clear and sewing one together is really quick.

The Crossover II can cut up to six layers! 

Using the Crossover II platform, layer with the fabric following their directions.

This die is the 2nd from the smallest and was a nice size for a two or three year old.
Halloween spider web fabric seems perfect for any time of year.

The instructions include the size of mask the die makes and how to add elastic or fabric ties.

The next step after using the die to cut the fabric is to sew along the curve.

You'll want to clip the curve or use pinking sheers to help the curve lay flat.

Press the curved seams to the side. 

Pin the elastic 1/4 inch from the edge of mask back as shown below. 

Stitching it in place before sewing helped to keep it from slipping.

With right sides together, sew around all edges leaving a 2 inch opening for turning inside out.
Be careful when sewing to not catch the elastic or ties in the seams.

Turn inside out and press seams flat. Top stitch around the edges making sure to sew the
opening closed. Double stitching over the elastic ends helps secure them better.

The second from the smallest was a perfect fit for Monkey Baby who is two years old. The elastic
was cut 5 1/2" long. He "willingly" posed for the camera with a mask on once I promised him a
doughnut in any flavor if he would do it. He asked for a chocolate doughnut, which was
delivered promptly to his doorstep. He chose the cream filled chocolate one...yum!

The second from the largest size die was a little big for the five year old, but shorter elastic
(it was 7" long) would have made it fit better (6" would be just right.) He didn't seem to mind!

He loved the Riley Blake Designs light blue "Hot Wheels" fabric for his mask.

The seven year old fit the 2nd from the largest mask a little better though the elastic should 
have been tighter. It was cut at 7" so probably 6" would work. He also liked the other 
Riley Blake Designs "Hot Wheels" fabric with all the swirls and cars.

The fifteen year old was looking pretty cool in the mask cut from the largest die.
Halloween fabric with spiders adds a little creepy to the mask...I love creepiness!
The elastic was cut at 8" but 7" would have been better.

If you aren't sure about the elastic, the ties would be a great choice to ensure the masks fits.

One really awesome thing available from Crafter's Edge is an adapter that can be used with 
your Accuquilt Go cutter. It's really great to be able to use the mask die on an Accuquilt, too!

The electric Accuquilt was able to cut all four dies at once.

*Tips for cutting fabric with the dies: 
Iron the cotton fabric before cutting.
Tilt the die and fabric on the cutting platform so that it doesn't run parallel to the rollers.

Here's another way to add bias tape ties cut 44" to a mask.

My oldest daughter was happy to model this bright pink gingham mask.
I love those blue eyes!

Cut the fabric using the mask dies and sew sections together as shown above.

With right sides together, sew mask on just the short ends. (This is a lighter pink gingham
than the one she is wearing in case you wondered about the color change.)

Turn inside out and press.

Find the center of bias tape and pin to center of mask, catching all layers.

If you want a wire for the nose area, now would be the time to add it.

Turn under bias tape ends if needed. Sew along edge of bias tape to secure to mask.
Repeat on both sides. Done!

Non Woven interfacing can be added to the masks if desired and I was really excited to learn
that Therm O Web has just released a new product made specifically for masks,
HeatnBond Sew-In interfacing.

"Working closely with The Masks Now Coalition, Therm O Web (the manufacturers of 
HeatnBond brand products) has developed this new interfacing for use in the 
3-Layer Mask Pattern from Created for Crisis, as well as other patterns that call for 
lightweight 100% polyester nonwoven, sew-in interfacing."

Thank you for stopping by...stay safe and healthy!


  1. Now that is very cool! I hadn't heard of Crafter's Edge. I struggled to find the right mask pattern and can thankfully say I am glad to be finished making them for now. Have a good weekend!

  2. this is a great pattern, Carol. I love the ease to make and the fashion show. So is the tiniest mask for the kitties? heehee

  3. Wow! That was fast!! Smart marketing for that company to ride the wave of the global pandemic.

  4. Hi Carol! I have to say I got so distracted by the people/mask photos. How cool that all the monkey boys helped you out by posing for pictures. And your daughter has stunning eyes and her smile is reflected in them. Now, back to the subject at hand - this die is pretty cool. And it is really wonderful that it can be adapted for AccuQuilt. Thanks for sharing this with us - cute fabrics, too!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I like the idea of a die for the mask and that is the style I am making. I saw that Go had one, but pricey, so I am just using freezer paper and hand cutting. I figure if the edges aren't perfect, it gets hidden with the sewing.


  6. Love your masks. The elastics which are a little long, the girls at work have been doing one twist which makes them a wee bit shorter. So they fit well across the nose and across the cheeks? I now have to wear one the whole time at work. Bakery, hot, I have obviously became a mouth breather and I feel sweat trickling down my upper lip. It isn't pretty. LOL

  7. And lucky you Carol that you have such good looking models to model all the sizes for the masks! And when you don't need to make anymore masks, those dies would make great applique shapes; I see a vase with the straight edge at the bottom. Or maybe piece them together like a Dresden Plate style quilt?

  8. Muy bonitas y eficaces
    Cuidate y besos

  9. I have never heard of Crafter's Edge dies--thanks for the tip! I do have an accuquilt go and am now considering the converter. The masks look great and such great models!

  10. Some of these companies really hopped to it, didn't they? I love this and love that you can use their die with an adapter. Since I have accuquilt and sizzix I should find out if I can use it with either. Great job on all those masks and terrific models!

  11. Those look great and so much easier than cutting by hand. I've been away from social media for awhile and I see that you moved back to Nevada. That is awesome! I know how much you missed the family.

  12. JUST heard of your system and mask die TODAY! AMAZING!!!!
    Have ordered it and found the Accuquilt converter (it was out of stock on your site) on eBay, ordered it to for my Go! Accuquilt cutter!
    ROCK ON! Keep making amazing dies - I will be back for more ♥

  13. Hi Carol! What a wonderful tutorial....thank you for sharing. I have also purchased these dies and am using them with my BigShot. I LOVE IT!!! The only problem I'm having is adding the third layer for the pocket? I'm not an avid seamstress.. If you can offer any advise on this I'd really appreciate it. Thank you again for sharing all of your masks are lovely.

    kindest regards,



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