Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A New Addition To Our Family

This huge hunk of dog joined our family yesterday.
My son sent me a message yesterday that said, "Happy Birthday. I gave you a dog."
I'd rather have chocolates, but this is okay for now.
Gage is nine months old, weighs 56 pounds, and is a mix of a Labrador and pit bull.
So, basically he is a Pitador, Bullador, or Labrabull. I like Pitador because I adore him.

He was a shelter dog who was rescued by a friend of my son.
That didn't work out, so my son took him which gave him two big dogs in an apartment.
My son is moving to a new place that will only allow one dog, so he's tried
to find a new owner for Gage. Twice people took him and brought him back.
He's a lot of dog that has spent most of his time in a cage and was used to playing ruff with 
my son's other dog. That's not working for my two little ankle biters...they don't like him!
We're hoping they adjust once Gage gets some training on his manners.

It's like having a naughty two year old in the house!
I watched him last week for my son and his allergies really flared up...poor baby!
It scared me to death to see those eyes and jowls swelling up, plus he had a rash. Benadryl 
quickly took care of the issues, but now I'll have to figure out what bothered him.

Luckily he's cage trained or I'd never get anything done, because I'm constantly supervising
his whereabouts and making sure my little dogs don't attack him and/or become a meal for him.
Life is crazy with this guy in the house!

P. S. I'm taking a little break from blog hops for the summer, but Carla at Creatin In The Sticks
 will be announcing one in July and I'll announce one shortly after that. I love the hops and
can't wait to jump back in after a summer break. I love being inspired by you!


  1. Watch he is allergic to the ankle biters. LOL He is a sweetie though.

  2. Your days are going to be quite busy with that lovely birthday present! I don't blame you for taking a break. lol Good luck with YOUR training.

  3. A lovely dog, I understand why you have to take time out fro blog hopping. I wish you a wonderful play time with him

  4. He's a cutie, hope he settles in quickly. Dog siblings can be the worst! :)

  5. Hi Gage! You don't know it yet, but you have landed yourself in one sweet place! You will be loved, Monkey Boys will come and play with you and you'll find it to be paradise on earth. Enjoy every little thing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. He's a beautiful baby! I hope he settles down and things work out for everyone.

  7. I have two Min Pins and a Boxerpit. One of the littles loves the big dog. Luckily they all get along, but they pic their pairs. One of the best dogs I ever had was a Boxador. I hope your dogs adjust to each other. Sometimes it takes a little while and I'm pretty sure when your big dog adjusts he'll just show those littles who is the boss.
    xx, Carol

  8. Awww he looks so sweet! Hope you figure out what bothered him!!
    and that you all get a long just wonderful!

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