Saturday, September 1, 2018

Keeping A Three Year Old Monkey Boy Busy

Just a warning...don't do this without adult supervision!
I'm not sure I count as an adult sometimes, but I try to act like one on most occasions.

The three year old Monkey Boy was getting a little restless when I was trying to sew
a couple seams really quick . So, I gave him something to keep him busy.

It was a learning experience...he learned the magic of a magnet.

No fingers were pricked and my seams got sewn. It was a win-win experience!

Have a happy and joyful weekend!



  1. My DIL goes nuts when she sees my needle cushion, when they stop by, lol.
    Now they lock up everything, I teach the boys, don't touch, works for me;)


  2. lol. That would entertain him for hours, I am sure!

  3. My Grandsons like to put my pins in and out of the pincushions while rearranging them-what's with the pin fascination!!!!!!

  4. I guess the only real worry would be if he put them in his mouth. (Never underestimate kids putting things in their mouths!) But by the pictures, I can see that he had fun and you were watching him closely!

  5. I love your “Free Range” Grandparenting skills. Adorable Monkey Boy looks very content...and well behaved! <3

  6. The next step is sewing up those seams himself! LOL!!

  7. Hi Carol! Oh those pictures are just PRICELESS. So, three is the year they can learn about the magic or magnets, huh. Dominic is just one today so I would show him that yet. Besides, he's still at the age that everything goes into the mouth - not good for pins or paperclips. I'll bet that kept him busy and quiet for more than a couple of seams. Just sayin'. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Precious pictures!! Great way to occupy him.

  9. He's cute as anything, love the look on his face in that second picture. I'll bet that a variety of items, some that would stick and some that wouldn't, would keep him busy for quite a while - or taking the magnet around to FIND what would stick and what wouldn't!

  10. That face!! So sweet when they learn something new. I used to give Evan my button jar and he would arrange them in colors and patterns and such.

  11. Lovely close up photos, Carol! Ah! The magic of magnet. Now you have to get a couple for his own collection, without the pins of course :)



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